Merry Christmas, Movie House! 25 Days of Christmas Day 9: Boy Meets World – Easy Street


Another day of Boy Meets World! I’m so excited. It’s like the first week of Christmas was about Power Rangers and the second is Boy Meets World! It’s just the way Jesus intended it to be. This is a fourth season Boy Meets World episode. A lot has changed since everyone has gotten older of course. Morgan is not in this episode since this may have been during her long timeout. I don’t remember. I should have rewatched the ending picture they took to make sure. No more Minkus who only appears one more time in the season five finale. This episode features the addition of Mr. Turner who made his debut in season two. Enough explaining things! On with the show!

The Plot

It’s not your typical Christmas episode. The episode begins the typical Boy Meets World way. Mr. Turner is discussing “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost and Cory and Shawn are sleeping through class when Mr. Feeny arrives. In one of the best BMW scenes, they debate over which class they slept through. Feeny claims that during his class “Mr. Hunter does the yipping” while they sleep. Turner talks to them about choices and roads not taken. You know right away this will be our central theme for the episode. Cory and Shawn both have new jobs. Cory has a job at an Italian place where he basically gets coffee for the mob. Shawn works at the docks really early in the morning. Cory takes Shawn to his job where Shawn informs him he is working for the mob. Cory is too stupid to figure it out for himself. Cory quits his job for the funny mobsters. They really are highlights of the episode. Shawn then begins to work for them instead. Shawn feels happy he can buy Christmas presents for his friends even if he knows where the money is coming from. He happily gives Cory a watch, but Cory feels that because where the money is from that he can’t be completely happy about it. It’s a nice reversal from the first season BMW Christmas episode. Shawn is told to deliver a package on Christmas Eve where he waits until Cory tells him to come back to his place. They discuss roads not taken and it all ends with Shawn taking the right path. Woo! The Eric sideplot isn’t too much to write about. A girl he works with named Lonnie is lonely and wants to spend Christmas with her family. Eric tries to drive her there since he wants sex, but they end up in a blizzard. Eric bumps himself on the head which knocks him out. Maybe this is the moment where Eric becomes incredibly stupid the rest of the series. Lonnie later tells Eric back at Eric’s house that she had to strip them down naked to keep the warm. Eric was not pleased to hear this and he keeps trying to get her to do it again. It all ends with a happy Christmas picture! No Christmas Carol this time! Lame!


Final Thoughts

I don’t think it’s as good as the season 1 episode which is interesting since I normally prefer season 4 over season 1. This episode had a big lack of Feeny. I think that’s what it was missing. He only appears in the first and last scenes. The parents aren’t given much to do either. Topanga is even barely used. Her role was basically the same as it was in the season 1 episode. That’s odd since her role on the show has grown big since that season. It is good to see some Mr. Turner in this episode. I’m pretty sure this is his second to last onscreen appearance. The next time we see him he’s in the hospital from a motorcycle crash. Quick Wikipedia search confirms that Morgan was in this episode. She must have been in that picture. This is indeed Mr. Turner’s second to last appearance. Poor guy goes out in the hospital. It’s a good thing Minkus mentions him in the season 5 finale or else we might think he’s dead. The Cory and Shawn stuff are the good parts of the episode. I’d argue the mobster guys got too much time, but they brought good comedy. My main gripe with the Cory/Shawn scenes are that it was too similar to the first season episode even if the roles were reversed. Plus A Christmas Carol works better for Christmas than The Road Not Taken. I didn’t really care for the Eric parts in this episode. It’s somewhat funny, but I guess I’m not a big fan of horny Eric. He’s reeking of desperation. Overall, it’s not a great BMW episode and it’s an average Christmas special. The Christmas focus was on the backburner for the Shawn choosing the right road story. I’m hoping the next BMW Christmas special is much improved.