Merry Christmas, Movie House! 25 Days of Christmas Day 6: That ’70s Show – The Best Christmas Ever


This brings us to 5 TV episodes (4 Power Rangers) and 1 movie. I’m doing this title all wrong! I chose an episode of That ’70s Show today because I knew the show was on Netflix. The show is also pretty damn funny. It follows Eric Forman who lives with his parents, Red and Kitty, while hanging out in the basement with his friends Hyde (the stoner), Fez (the foreigner), Kelso (the idiot), Jackie (the rich girl), and Donna (the tomboyish love interest). It’s a pretty entertaining show, but I had trouble remembering any of the Christmas episodes. Too bad because this one is pretty fun.

The Plot

Eric is tired of joining his parents during their Christmas party, so he decides to throw one of his own in the basement. The problem is they need money for beer. Red gives Eric money to buy a Christmas tree and he can use the remaining money for his party. This prompts Eric, Hyde, and Kelso to cut down a tree so they can keep the 40 dollars. Meanwhile, Hyde has been asking around to see what kind a gift Donna would like for Christmas. I actually forget there was a love triangle between Eric, Donna, and Hyde during the first season. Red has to work for Bob on Christmas Eve since Bob wants to be the only place open in case an idiot needs to buy a gift at the last second. That’s exactly what happens when Kelso comes in to buy Jackie a gift. They also play a game of Pong together which I found hilarious. At the party, Fez is being hit on by drunk friends of Jackie because they like his foreign accent. The cops come over and tell Red that the tree was stolen. Hyde gives Donna a present which is a picture of Hyde and Donna from the 5th grade. Donna seems to really like how personal the gift was. Eric got her some perfume that Donna likes. Hyde actually asked Donna’s mom earlier in the episode about what Donna likes and she said that. Hyde didn’t have the money to buy that though. Red goes downstairs and yells at Eric about the tree and the fact they had beer. He wants the rest of his money too but it’s revealed that Kelso spent the rest of the money on Jackie’s gift. Jackie is very happy that Kelso got in trouble for her. She then proclaims that Hyde loves Donna which Hyde denies. He kicks everyone out and makes Eric and Hyde clean up. Donna gives both of them their gifts from her. Eric got something with is name engraved and Hyde got socks. Eric seemed pleased about this. The episode ends with Bob thanking Red for working and that he wants a hug. Red doesn’t give hugs. Bob jokes about a mistletoe scaring Red even more to end the episode.


Final Thoughts

It’s a very enjoyable Christmas episode. Everyone gets their time to shine even some of the minor characters like Bob, Midge, and Laurie. Kitty is very funny in this episode even though I did not mention her much when it came to the plot. Red’s mom is also in this episode being a bitch, so it’s fun seeing Kitty go against her. It was neat to see the love triangle with Eric/Hyde/Donna again. I never really liked the idea of Hyde and Donna together. I preferred him with Jackie, but it was cool to see this dynamic that I forgot about over the years. I will say the episode made me root for Hyde and Donna together more than Eric and Donna since Eric seemed a bit like a douche in this one. Overall, it’s a good Christmas watch especially if you love this show like I do.