Merry Christmas, Movie House! 25 Days of Christmas Day 17: V.R. Troopers – Santa’s Secret Trooper


I was a Power Rangers guy growing up and I still am today. I love everything about that show from the cheesy acting to the awesome fight scenes. It’s something I will never get tired of watching. The good people of Saban back in the 90s decided to test that. Saban produced Power Rangers taking footage from the Super Sentai series in Japan. Power Rangers was a huge success, so Saban wanted to maximize this success by bringing in more shows from Japan. This is when we get shows like Masked Rider, Big Bad Beetleborgs, and today’s feature: V.R. Troopers. I enjoyed some V.R. Troopers when I was younger, but I never got into it as much as I did Power Rangers. I think that rang true for everyone since Power Rangers is still on today. V.R. Troopers features three teenagers as the V.R. Troopers. Ryan Steele is the leader of the bunch. I’ll be honest that I don’t know the personality traits of these characters well since this is the first episode I’ve watched in almost twenty years. I do know that Brad Hawkins who played Ryan Steele was almost cast as the White Ranger in Power Rangers while Jason David Frank was going to be the lead on V.R. Troopers which would be called Cybertron. Things worked out for the better. The other two characters are J.B. Reese and Kaitlin Star. Kaitlin Star is played by Sarah Brown who has made a living on the soap opera circuit. There’s a mentor character in Tao Chong and a professor that looks like an older Randy Jackson. There’s also a talking dog named Jeb. Let’s get going already.

The Plot

The Troopers are celebrating Christmas at Tao’s dojo. They are singing Christmas songs and cutting down trees. Your typical Saban Christmas. Thankfully it’s not a clip show. The Troopers and some kids meet an elf named Otto who works at the North Pole. I believe he was absent from I’m Dreaming of a White Ranger. I should note that V.R. Troopers plays like an episode of Power Rangers, but not as fun. The evil Grimlord. wants to kidnap the elf since he can grant wishes. I didn’t know elves had that power. Why didn’t Hermey the Elf just wish to be a dentist? The foot soldiers for Grimlord kidnap the elf and the bad guys mock him and make him grant a wish. The elf brings the Troopers to the bad guy’s lair and the elf took away their powers. I’m glad they had a good excuse for a reason to not let the Troopers morph. It’s a Saban tradition to not have a morphed fight in Christmas specials. The elf ends up tricking Grimlord into saying he wished he never met the elf and all is happily ever after. The kids are happy to see the elf back and they celebrate Christmas! Tao says they celebrate all religions actually once again proving that old school Saban cared more about other religions. Santa Claus shows up….and it’s the same Santa from I’m Dreaming of a White Ranger! Continuity! Power Rangers and V.R. Troopers take place in the same universe! Ryan’s father also shows up at the end and I’m guessing he had been gone for awhile. They sing one more song and Santa’s sleigh flies in front of the moon. Thankfully he doesn’t have a Robo Knight voice.

Final Analysis

It’s actually kind of entertaining. It’s fun in a cheesy Power Rangers way and I’d say it’s better than all the PR specials except I’m Dreaming of a White Ranger. I feel like it probably even advances the V.R. Troopers plot since his dad shows up at the end. I could be mistaken though. I’m happy the bad guy actually does something in this episode like what happened in I’m Dreaming of a White Ranger and Zeo’s A Season to Remember. So I’d probably recommend this for anybody who enjoys a fun, cheesy Christmas special. Nobody does cheese like Saban. Plus the evil guy has a great evil laugh and he pets an iguana. That’s awesome!