New Power Rangers Movie Ideas


I figured I would come out of my blog writing hibernation to write about some Power Rangers. It has been announced that Power Rangers will be getting an all new movie. I was very excited by the news even though I know the film could suck big time. That doesn’t stop me from watching the other two Power Rangers movies. So I’m going to quickly go over what we know so far. This will more than likely be a retelling of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. I am fine with that. I know some people would like a Time Force or one of the sentai seasons to be adapted, but Mighty Morphin is the brand most people remember. If you want people in the theater, you go with Mighty Morphin. I’d be for an original concept, but I know there is no chance of that happening so I can deal with a retelling.

Some minor things I want to see and do not want to see

Keep the original names, characters, and colors!

People are nostalgic for the old character names. You don’t want the older audience wondering why Jason has a different name. Stick with the names. We want Jason, Billy, Trini, Zordon, Rita, Bulk, Skull, and even Ernie. I know kids don’t care what their names are but there is an audience that does not like things that are different. I’m all for giving us a new character or monster here and there, but keep the core people the same names.

bulk and skull

Keep the original Power Rangers actors out of this film except for cameos

I know Jason David Frank is trying to get his Green Ranger film by pestering Saban executives, but we don’t need that. Make that a TV movie on Nickelodeon if we must.  We also don’t need him or any of the other original Power Rangers near this film. I only want to see them in small cameo roles. I’ll explain where I would want that later in this blog.

original power rangers

Don’t tie this in with the TV series

I’m 98% sure they won’t do this, but I just figured it needed to be said. Do this like the first Power Rangers film where it took place in its own universe. I don’t want this to be Star Trek 2009 where time travelling Tommy comes from the future. That would be stupid. Keep time travel out of this film. Keep time travel out of Power Rangers period. Those plots confuse me. This coming from a guy who loves Power Rangers Time Force and even Star Trek for that matter.

enterprise rangers

Okay, I got that out of the way. Now I figured I’d give my own ideas of how I would do a cinematic Power Rangers universe. Yeah, I’m giving it the Marvel name. Marvel is basically a good blueprint to follow. They are good at setting up sequels even if some of those films aren’t that great. I could easily see a few sequels if the first film is done right and not crap like Transformers. Then again Transformers is up to their fourth film, so they must be doing something right like making money. Anyway, here are my ideas for at least four Power Rangers films. If I think of a fifth film while writing, then I’ll put it down. I’m going to leave out Bulk and Skull in these plots. They have their place in the films, but they aren’t important to my main plots.


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

original 5

I can’t call it Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie because that’s taken, so I might as well call it what the show was called. Same thing Star Trek 2009 did because Star Trek: The Motion Picture was taken. So here’s my idea for a first film and I’ve seen some similar ideas to mine on the Internet so I’m not ripping anyone off on purpose.

Pre-Title Sequence

This is where we get the background of the film. 10,000 years ago, Zordon, his robot sidekick Alpha 5, and his team of Rangers are at war with Rita Repulsa and her minions. This is where you can have cameos from people like Walter Jones or Jason David Frank. You can have them playing the six ancient rangers. Zordon gets put into the time warp tube while the ancient rangers defeat Rita and lock her and her minions away into a dumpster or whatever you want to use. You can have the ancient green ranger losing his power coin at this point, but I wouldn’t make it too obvious. It might even be better to not include an ancient green ranger. Well, the other ancient rangers retire and give their coins to Alpha 5 and Zordon. Then we get our title scene.

1st Act

This is where we set up our 5 teenagers with attitude. I think I would make them just graduating from high school to make it feel more adult instead of them being high school freshman. I don’t think fans are really dying for Mr. Caplan or Ms. Appleby appearances though you could give a nod to them in a graduation scene. Here’s where I’m torn because I want the Rangers to all be friends already like in the original series. I know it might help character development more if they did not know each other, but I said they are graduating high school so they should know each other. Now if they were high school freshman, I would have them not be friends and then bring all their stereotypes together. Basically Act 1 would be the Breakfast Club or even Star Trek 2009 if they went that route. However, I still prefer that they all know each other. We establish they are good people with distinct personalities. The goal is to make us care about the characters. This should not be The Phantom Menace where I don’t care what happens to Obi Wan Kenobi.

Meanwhile, astronauts on the moon have discovered Rita’s dumpster and release her. Like most people who have thought about a MMPR movie, I’m basically remaking Day of the Dumpster. Zordon and Alpha are alerted of this and that’s when they call for their teenagers with attitude. Like on the show, the Rangers are initially skeptical. Rita is too busy attacking Earth though for them to be skeptical for too long. Rita is forming a big plan during the attack. She is summoning a monster who can easily defeat the Rangers. In the meantime though, she sends out Goldar and Putty Patrollers. The Power Rangers defeat Goldar and company rather easily. We have established that the Rangers are decently competent fighters who study martial arts or other athletic practices. That way it is not far-fetched when they defeat Goldar. I mean they defeated Goldar and King Sphinx in Day of the Dumpster, so I don’t see why they can’t here.

2nd Act

The Rangers are happy they defeated Goldar and they seem to accept the role as Power Rangers. Rita, however, is not too concerned that the Rangers were defeated. She was buying time summoning a more powerful monster. Here’s where I am split on with the monster. I think they should either go with an original monster here or go with Lokar. I’m siding with Lokar because I like retelling the TV series. I would not mind an original monster though. Basically I would combine the plots of Day of the Dumpster and Doomsday. Rita would transport everyone in Angel Grove (maybe Earth) to another dimension with the help of Lokar. The second act ends with the Rangers fighting Lokar and losing which forces them to retreat.

Final Act

The Rangers are reeling from their first defeat in only their second battle as Power Rangers. Their initial confidence is gone since they thought they could defeat anything. Lokar and Rita are destroying buildings now and causing havoc while taunting the Rangers to show themselves. Zordon gives the Rangers a speech and it inspires Jason to lead the charge giving the Power Rangers their confidence back. The Rangers get back into the action and fight Lokar. They manage to get the upperhand, but Rita summons Cyclopsis to destroy the Rangers for good so Rita can conquer Earth. This is when Zordon tells the Rangers about their Dinozords. They get in their Zords, they defeat Cyclopsis and Lokar, and everyone is saved because Lokar’s destruction allows for everyone to return to this dimension. Zordon thanks the Power Rangers for their service and asks them to continue their mission to stop Rita Repulsa who got away. The Rangers accept and they can even do a cheesy jumping high five shouting “Power Rangers” to end the film. I think that’s basically the ending to Doomsday.

Post Credits Scene

I’ve seen so many people mention this scene already, but there’s really no other thing to do. A defeated Rita reveals she has the Green Power coin. End film.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2: Green with Evil


Pre Title Sequence

I’d do one of two things here, but they get us to the same point. First option would be the Power Rangers defeating a monster. I’d make it an iconic monster like a Knasty Knight, Pudgy Pig, or King Sphinx. I’d probably go Knasty Knight in this situation since it helps set up the Green Ranger arc. The other option would be to have a montage of the Power Rangers defeating various monsters like the ones I already mentioned. I call this the Rocky 3 opening. You could even play Eye of the Tiger, but that would be too cheesy. Then again, this is Power Rangers. Rita realizes that her monsters keep failing. She has been looking for the perfect Green Ranger, but has been having no luck. Jason enters a martial arts competition and makes it to the finals before finishing in a draw with a guy named Tommy Oliver. Title Sequence!

1st Act

You already know this is a retelling of Green with Evil. I put that as the title even. Rita tests Tommy and then abducts him. We need some flirting with Kimberly before this though. She does her old brainwashing thing and makes him the Green Ranger. Meanwhile, the Power Rangers have gotten confident and a little cocky with their powers. Kimberly even seems more excited about a future date with Tommy over being a Ranger. No monsters are posing a threat, so they have become relaxed with their powers. This is where my Rocky 3 parallels continue. The main difference being Goldar isn’t coming in to help the Rangers train. The Rangers go down to fight another Rita monster. Maybe you could use Knasty Knight here. The Rangers defeat him, and the Knasty Knight explodes leaving only the Sword of Darkness. This is when the Green Ranger picks up the Sword of Darkness. He immediately goes to town on the Power Rangers and dominates them.

2nd Act

The Rangers retreat to the Command Center to find that the place had already been wrecked by the Green Ranger during their fight with the Knasty Knight. Zordon and Alpha are out of commission until Billy gets them somewhat functioning. Jason is furious about this and he goes out and tries to find the Green Ranger. A damaged Zordon tells Jason to not take the Green Ranger lightly. This man is a killer like Clubber Lang. Jason doesn’t not seem to listen well. He goes out to find the Green Ranger and Rita transports him to her Dark Dimension. Jason gets his ass kicked because he doesn’t fight smart. The Green Ranger is about to kill him when Billy transports his Jason out of there with the help of a restored Zordon.

Final Act

The Power Rangers have basically learned their lesson at this point. They know not to underestimate their opponents anymore. The Green Ranger warns the Rangers he will attack Angel Grove if they do not fight him. The Ranger show up and they fight the Green Ranger again. This time it is a more even fight with the Green Ranger having to retreat to his Dragonzord. The Rangers summon their Megazord and the two zords fight it out. The Dragonzord is defeated, but not destroyed. A weakened Green Ranger challenges the Red Ranger to a fight to the death. Jason ultimately wins the fight, but he refuses to kill the Green Ranger. I’m not sure if I would have revealed to the Rangers if Tommy was the Green Ranger yet like in the show. It might work better if they don’t know, but I would include a scene where Kimberly is upset that Tommy skipped out on their date. Tommy is turned into a good Power Ranger with the Sword of Darkness being destroyed. Zordon welcomes Tommy to the team and the Power Rangers are all happy again. We might even get another cheesy jumping high five.

Post Credits Scene

Rita has been hinting the whole film that she has a boss who tells her what to do. She mentions at one point that if her Green Ranger plan fails then her boss would come to Earth. The post credits scene would then show Lord Zedd inside Serpentera heading to Earth.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 3: The Wrath of Zedd

zedd facepalm

Pre-Title Sequence

I should mention that Wrath of Zedd is a joke title, but it’s where my plot is going. Basically, I’d have Zedd come to Earth here and kick Rita off the moon. I’d probably also have the Power Rangers fighting a monster again or perhaps they are on some sort of other adventure. Either way, I want this scene to show that Jason and Tommy are best friends now. These guys have each other’s back. Some Kimberly/Tommy romance stuff can also be sprinkled into this scene. I’d probably have that through the whole film though.

1st Act

I haven’t had as much time to think about this film. I’d say it’s more of a mix between The Mutiny and Green No More with similarities to The Power Transfer (No Rocky, Aisha, Adam) and the first movie. So the first act would basically be the Power Rangers are at the top of their game. They aren’t too confident or cocky anymore. They are basically the best they can be. That is until Lord Zedd comes down and kicks their ass. The Megazord sees its demise in the 1st Act. The Dragonzord is salvaged. Lord Zedd is fighting the Power Rangers in this film. This isn’t The Mutiny where Pirantishead is the monster. That’s not going to work on the big screen. Zordon tells the Power Rangers about how the ancient Power Rangers from the first film hid their legendary Thunderzords or possibly an upgraded Dinozords instead. Think of that rumored Zyu3 design for you Power Rangers fans out there. So the Rangers have to go to another planet and that leads us into the….

2nd Act

This is where we see similarities to the first movie, Power Transfer, and Ninja Quest.  The Power Rangers have to find these ancient Zords or maybe new powers as well to combat Zedd. Zedd isn’t going to Ivan Ooze this though and chill on Earth. He’s chasing them down in Serpentera the whole way. He’s got long  battery life too in this film. This leads to a few battles here and there and Zedd eventually believes he destroyed the Power Rangers. So now he goes back to Earth to finish off the planet. He’s looking to destroy this planet because of Zordon and the previous failures by Rita. The Power Rangers are not destroyed and instead they get lucky and find the Zords/powers. Poor Tommy doesn’t get any new powers though since there were only five new Zords. He’s cool about it though and is just happy the Rangers can fight Zedd now.

Final Act

The Power Rangers have to race back to Earth now in their new Zords. Speaking of which, I can’t decide how I wanted them to get to the planet. Possibly teleporting or even a space ship. Zedd is about to have Serpentera blow up the Earth when the Power Rangers just make it in time to deflect the blast. The blast does weaken Serpentera forcing it to land on Earth where the Power Rangers can combat it. Tommy summons the Dragonzord to join the fight. The battle is hard fought between Zedd’s Serpentera and the new Megazord. The Megazord defeats Serpentera, but Zedd activates the self destruct mechanism which will destroy the Earth. The Megazord is too weakened to do anything, but the Dragonzord has just enough power left in it. Tommy’s Dragon Dagger is too damaged from the events of the film to summon enough power to control the Dragonzord. This leads to Tommy having to pilot the Dragonzord itself. The Dragonzord flies into space, Zedd can’t do anything since Serpentera had no power left, and the Dragonzord and Serpentera blow up. Tommy is dead. The Rangers mourn for him. Lord Zedd was able to escape in an escape pod, but he did not avoid the explosion and he lands on Earth. Zedd gives the Devimon from Digimon speech that there are far more evil beings than him out there. Jason says they will be read to face any evil in honor of their friend. The film ends with a private funeral for Tommy. I’m going to call him an orphan just to avoid people wondering what happened to Tommy.

Post Credits Scene

This is where I’m split going into the next film. This post credits scene would either show Rita going home to get help in Master Vile and Rito Revolto or it would show the possibility of Tommy still being alive. I’d prefer not to do the second option though.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 4: White Knight


Pre Title Sequence

This again would probably be Rita being back with Master Vile and Rito Revolto at her side. I don’t really have anything for the Power Rangers to do in this opening sequence.

1st Act

Not much time has passed between films. The Power Rangers are still mourning the loss of Tommy. They are also questioning their own mortality at this point. No Power Ranger had died before, so this was brand new to them. The Power Rangers do their best to help clean up the streets and repair damage from the previous film. Maybe Serpentera killed some cities before it was destroyed. That would help explain Tommy’s death more now that I think about it. The Power Rangers know there is still an evil threat out there since Zedd warned them. Finally, that threat arrives. Rita and her family have returned to Earth. I just thought of an alternate plot to this film where Zedd survives the 3rd film and joins with Rita, but I’m sticking with this plot without Zedd. Too many ideas on the fly.

2nd Act

Master Vile concocts a plan where they attack different parts of the world making it harder for the Power Rangers to get to all of them. The Power Rangers try their best to save as many cities as possible, but they can’t be a multiple places at once. They try splitting up, but it’s not working. This is when their White Knight arrives. The White Ranger helps the Power Rangers even the odds and push back Vile and Rita’s forces. The six Rangers return to the Command Center and we get the reveal of who the White Ranger is. Now who is the White Ranger? Well, in the third film I’d set up a couple good Samaritan characters that help during crisis. We get to know those characters throughout that film and we see them interact with the Rangers. You can even call one of them Richie. Those characters are also in this film as possible White Rangers. Hell, you could even make Skull a possible White Ranger candidate. The other option is that Tommy survived the explosion from the third film and Zordon had somehow kept him alive in a chamber until he made him the White Ranger. Now that option would make Zordon seem like a dick for not telling the Rangers though. I personally would keep Tommy dead (I know that’s blasphemy) and go with a new White Ranger. Zordon does create this White Ranger though using technology from the new powers of the last film.

Final Act

Master Vile, Rita, and Rito have focused their attack on Earth’s biggest city. The Power Rangers must stop them. Simple enough. There’s going to be a lot of destruction and civilian deaths in this. I’m thinking Man of Steel/Avengers levels of destruction. The Rangers overcome the odds in the end by combining the Megazord and Tigerzord to defeat Vile, Rita, and Rito once and for all. No more Rita after this film. She’s dead. The film ends with the Rangers celebrating and promising to rebuild the city.

Post Credits Scene

One might not be needed in this film, but if I had to do one then I would probably set up Dark Specter and the United Alliance of Evil.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 5: The Final Frontier


Pre Title Sequence

I have no good subtitle for this film at the moment, so I’m going with the classics. I have a few different ways I want to go with this film. First off, a few years have passed since the fourth film. The Rangers have helped rebuild. Humans have started to move out into space more to meet other planets and form alliances with them. One of the planets reveals that throughout the universe, the United Alliance of Evil  have been strengthening their forces to conquer more and more planets. Some planets are destroyed or severely damaged depending on if they have good resources. This is where you can throw in a reference to KO-35 and even have them get some help from Andros. I wouldn’t make him a Power Ranger though. I don’t think there should be other sets of Power Rangers in this universe. This seems like it could be a long pre-title sequence so some of this can go in the first act. I would also set up the villain for this film working for Dark Specter. Dark Specter is the big bad for the 6th and final film of my ideas. I have three ideas for a villain in this film. I’d go with The Machine Empire, The Psycho Rangers, or a completely original villain. Maybe even do two of them.

1st Act

I’d continue with the Power Rangers and other Earthlings working on relations with other planets. This is when the villain invades. Chaos is caused and the Power Rangers must use their Megazord to stop the villain. This villain is holding back though and retreats because a different plan is in the works.

2nd Act

While the Power Rangers are occupied on let’s say KO-35 for television continuity, Dark Specter has sent forces to Earth. The Power Rangers learn of this and hurry back to Earth, but they are too late. Cities have been leveled and people are dead. The Command Center has also been thrashed. Zordon has been taken and Alpha destroyed. The Rangers defeat the forces on Earth, but then they realize that KO-35 is now under attack once again.

Final Act

The Power Rangers return to a pretty much destroyed KO-35 where everything is pretty much in ruin. The villain the Power Rangers are facing is pretty even with them. Similar to the end of the Power Rangers Turbo episodes Chase into Space, the Power Rangers sacrifice their Zords to destroy  the villain(s) for this film. The Power Rangers are broken because they have no way to save Zordon now. This is basically an Empire Strikes back ending. The Power Rangers head back to Earth on a NASADA shuttle and look through the rubble of the Command Center. It is here where they discover a secret chamber. Zordon and Alpha had been working on new upgrades to the suits. We see what looks like the Power Rangers in Space suits with some MMPR tweaking in there. We can’t have too much change! The film ends with a recorded message from Alpha or Zordon telling them they had been working with Alpha to form a new Zord: enter the Astro Megaship. Credits roll!

Post Credits Scene

Basically Dark Specter planning his invasion of the galaxy.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 6: The Curse of Michael Myers


Pre-Title Sequence

We pretty much set up that this is the final film. Dark Specter is ready to take over the universe and the Power Rangers are ready to stop them with their new Astro Megaship.

1st Act

This will be an all out war with the Megaship battling enemy ships. This one might be an explosion happy film. The Power Rangers also manage to try and round up some help from the alliances they made with planets like KO-35, Triforia, and Aquitar. Maybe I’ll even let them form their own Power Rangers after all, but that would be pushing it. Probably too much for one film.

2nd Act

Dark Specter finally confronts the Rangers. They form the Astro Megazord and we get a good battle between the two sides. The Rangers think they have a shot at winning when Dark Specter brings up that he has Zordon in his stomach or something. I haven’t really thought that out. Dark Specter will look nothing like Malagore from the Turbo movie by the way. I’d go with an original design, but keep the Dark Specter name. Anyways, Specter warns the Power Rangers that if they kill him then they kill Zordon. They don’t want to do that. No Z Wave in this film. Zordon is unable to communicate with them too at this time. Dark Specter gets away leaving the Rangers beaten because they refused to fight him. Their Powers and Megazord are pretty damaged at this point. Specter decides to go to Earth destroy what the Rangers love most before taking over the universe.

3rd Act

Specter’s forces are decimating the planet. People are wondering where the Power Rangers are. Bulk and Skull give their pep talk though like in Countdown to Destruction and lead the charge against the enemies. The Rangers finally return to Earth in their damaged Megaship. They have been working on a way to contact Zordon the whole time, but it’s been near impossible with him trapped inside Specter. This leads us into the final battle between Specter and the Astro Megazord. Then out of nowhere Tommy returns in a new Super Dragonzord. Tommy is also now played by Jason David Frank…..oh sorry about that. JDF hijacked my blog. Speaking of which, I wonder if I should turn the White Ranger into the Silver Ranger during this. Maybe the White/Silver Ranger helping people on the planet like in CTD. He can even have his own Delta Megaship if he must. That might take too much explanation for why he needs his own Zord again though. Back to Specter vs. Astro Megazord, the Power Rangers are finally able to communicate with Zordon after a lengthy battle where they held back a bit. Zordon basically tells them the needs of the many outweighs the needs of the few, so he’s all for them sacrificing him. The Power Rangers put everything that have into a final blow and they destroy Dark Specter. All over the universe we see his forces fall and the Power Rangers have saved the day. The film ends with the Rangers helping rebuild and agreeing to always protect the universe. They can reveal their identities to the public. Mainly so Bulk and Skull can see who they are. That can happen earlier in this film.

Post Credits Scene

Nothing. Just the logo. Maybe a montage of highlights from past films.

That’s it. Those are my six film ideas for a Power Rangers Cinematic Universe. I came up with half of those while writing this. Now I didn’t outline everything.  I said at the beginning I would leave out Bulk and Skull stuff. More personal relationships would also be needed. I think I’d pair Trini up with the White Ranger (unless it’s Tommy since he belongs with Kimberly). I wouldn’t be against pairing Jason and Kimberly up after the fourth film though. I was more concerned about main plots here. I’ll give a quick summary though for those too lazy to read.

First Film: Retelling of Day of the Dumpster and Doomsday

Second Film: Retelling of Green with Evil

Third Film: Retelling of The Mutiny, Green No More, The Power Transfer, Ninja Quest, and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie; It’s a weird blend of those

Fourth Film: Retelling of White Light with 3rd season MMPR characters like Rito Revolto and Master Vile

Fifth Film: Slight retelling of  Turbo’s Chase into Space along with some Power Rangers in Space elements

 Sixth Film: Retelling of Countdown to Destruction

There you have it! Six Power Rangers films for Saban to think about. My ideas probably won’t ever come to fruition, but it was fun to write. Take care everyone and let’s hope this new Power Rangers movie doesn’t suck.

Merry Christmas, Movie House! 25 Days of Christmas Day 1: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers – I’m Dreaming of a White Ranger


It’s no secret that I love Power Rangers. I love everything about the show from the fight scenes to the giant robot battles to the cheesy acting. I can’t get enough of it. I’ve seen every single episode and not just of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. I have seen it from MMPR to Megaforce. Another thing I love is Christmas. It’s the most wonderful time of the year! You combine two of my favorite things and you get greatness. That’s what makes “I’m Dreaming of a White Ranger” awesome.

The Plot

This episode features two plots. There’s a little girl who doesn’t really want to sing in the holiday choir. I’ll give Power Rangers some credit for having them sing Christmas and Hanukkah songs. She is homesick and is afraid her parents won’t show up for Christmas. Kimberly, the pink Power Ranger, is having similar problems since her parents separated. It’s funny since I don’t think any parents of the Rangers have been shown since Rita kidnapped them all in a “Return of an Old Friend” in season 1. Please forgive my Power Rangers nerd knowledge of knowing everything about Power Rangers.

The other part of the plot concerns Lord Zedd hating Christmas and wanting to put his evil mind controlling device under all the trees for Christmas. He must do this by taking over the North Pole. It’s as awesome as it sounds. He sends Rita’s brother, Rito Revolto, to attack Santa’s workshop. There’s this really high pitched female elf there that argues with him. Zordon calls the Rangers (after interrupting Tommy’s (White Ranger) mistletoe kiss to Kimberly) to the Command Center to tell the Rangers about Santa. Zordon gives the team the bad news about not being able to use their powers because of Santa having a magical forcefield or something. I just find it hilarious that Santa exists in the PR Universe.

Bulk and Skull (our resident idiots) are playing Santa and his elf back at the Juice Bar. They don’t seem too interested in the job, but they do hear the wishes of children including that little girl from earlier. The Rangers get into a confrontation with Rito and Goldar (Rita’s flying gold monkey) at the North Pole. Confrontation means snowball fight in this episode since Rito and Goldar can’t use their powers either. Santa’s kind of a dick for not extending his Christmas power over the entire Earth. The Rangers use the snowballs of death and elves tripping the bad guys to defeat them. The bad guys are teleported back to the Moon and the day is saved! Wait! Santa needs help because he is behind schedule! Thank goodness he had Power Rangers there! The Power Rangers save Christmas and the little girl’s father shows up at the end. She tells Bulk that’s what she wished for which makes Bulk and Skull tear up a bit. They are fools with a heart of gold. Tommy finally gets to kiss Kimberly under the mistletoe and Kimberly’s mom shows up too. Happy ending! Christmas is saved!


Not a Typical Power Rangers Episode

This episode goes against the grain of a normal Power Rangers episode. There’s no Power Rangers actually in this episode. They never morph! Santa ruined those chances. That means no Megazord battle either. That’s the biggest downside to this episode. It would have been cool seeing their Zords at the North Pole or even the suits. It’s still entertaining though watching Rito be the goofy villain he is while commanding Santa to do stuff.


I didn’t find the little girl plot to be that bad. It’s a nice little Christmas story that results in a good Bulk and Skull moment. Bulk and Skull are the two best characters in Power Rangers history, so anything involving them is great. I enjoyed Tommy and Kimberly getting their mistletoe kisses interrupted. Skull interrupts them the first time and sneaks in and gives Kimberly a kiss on the cheek. Zordon interrupts the second time because I figure he’s a bigger dick than Skull. I bet he knew about the Lord Zedd plot a few minutes before that and waited for Tommy to go for a kiss. It’s a nice build though for when they finally get that kiss. Most of the Rangers are underused in this plot. Adam (Black), Rocky (Red), and Billy (Blue) don’t get much to do in this episode. Aisha (Yellow) gets a little dialogue with the little girl, but that becomes more about Kimberly instead. Santa and his annoying loud elf get more time than they do.

Final Thoughts
It’s fun! That’s what Power Rangers is to me! It’s fun! This episode does what it needs to do. It combines Power Rangers and Santa Claus.It gives the people what they want. It lacks the actual costumes and Zords, but I will gladly watch it every Christmas. Get to watching! It’s Morphin Time!

Halloween Havoc 2013 Day 22: Sorority House Massacre


I can’t resist some of these film titles. This one just screams good time. There’s a sorority house and there’s a massacre. What’s not to love! Will I end up disappointed? Come with me on this journey and found out. It’s a commentary night. Let’s watch Sorority House Massacre!!!!!!

Oooh, Concorde Presents! Creepy dark music starts the film. I’m scared already! Gotta love 80s title screens. Plain letters for Sorority House and then Massacre in blood red with it splattering on the screen. Our movie has started. Wait? Why is this girl in a hospital bed? This isn’t Hospital Massacre. Maybe she’s telling the film in flashback. So I guess she moved into a new house. Not sure why they are giving us a first person view of it with creepy music. Oh no! Scary little girl! I’m lost at this point. At the sorority house now. The sorority leader is showing the girl from the hospital to her room. Holy shit! The guy who does the voice of Lord Zedd is in this film. Robert Axelrod is the man! I’ve never seen him in a live action role before.

Good lord this film is weird so far. Why is this girl talking to three little girls outside this weird house? This isn’t Nightmare on Elm Street Part IV: The Dream Master. This is Sorority House Massacre! This film should only take place in a sorority house with them all being picked off one by one. Why all these strange bullshit! Why is the main girl at a dinner table with kids that all have weird deformed faces? Why is there blood dripping on the candles and the rest of the table? What is bleeding in the room above? She goes upstairs and blood is still dripping. Oh, it was all a dream. Some girl named Sara walks into Beth’s room. Her name is Beth. She has some kind of mark on her that she says she’s had for a long time.

Finally getting some sorority house scenes! It’s just a lot of girls wanting to exchange clothes. Boob shot out of the shower while Beth is looking in the mirror. Beth has some problems. Random cutaway to cut getting out of restraints. I think I recall Lord Zedd putting him away earlier in the film. Beth sees some guy in the mirror who comically stabs at it. I wonder if he killed her aunt. Her aunt died so I should mention that. In the psych ward, this guy is banging around his room. Back to the girls leaving the sorority house. Their clothes are so hilariously bad. 80s fashion should never come back. Well, maybe it should. Return to the psych ward, they are about to do something to the guy in the room. At school, our girls aren’t paying much attention in class. Too bad since the one class was talking about death and how people don’t always consider their own mortality. Beth’s teacher is talking about foreshadowing, deja vu, and other stuff like that while she sees bloody guys outside.

Some geek is talking cat brainwaves. A guess a cat had kittens and they killed them while the cat was far away. The cat meowed each time one died. Not sure if tests like that actually work. The 80s hair does work very well with the fashion. These doctors are still trying to test this guy in the psych ward. They have him hooked up to a machine. I’m pretty sure the guy in the psych ward is the guy that Beth has been seeing. They seem to have a weird emotional link. I guess it’s like those cats. Only four girls including Beth are in sorority house now. Time to try on clothes! Montage!!!!! Second boob shot included. The three girls seem to have way more fun than Beth. Beth isn’t even trying on clothes! A few more boob shots. The music is so 80s. I spy a Twisted Sister poster on the wall. Dee Snider should be embarrassed to be in this film in poster form.

Return to psych ward. Dumb orderly wears his headphones going into a room with a crazy guy. Dumb idea since he’s killed. The crazy escapes because of this. Beth tells her story to the girls. She explains her dreams while one girl says it is all in her subconscious. Scenes of our bad guy running! First person running! Climb that cage! He’s going to the hardware store now while the girls drink. HAHA. He just busts the knife thing and the guy running the place decides the best plan is to walk right up to him. He deserved to get stabbed. The girls are reading dream books. Knives are phallic symbols! Is Beth afraid of sex?!

Our bad guy is committing grand theft auto. He didn’t pick the greatest car in the world, but it gets the job done. The killer apparently knew exactly what sorority house to go to, but….swerve. Not the killer. It’s just boyfriends! Lord Zedd is back at the psych ward and he sees a guy in bed which is a dead body. Zedd doesn’t bother checking to make sure though. Boyfriends are talking and making out and shit. Oh wait, Lord Zedd has noticed our killer is missing. Good for him! Lots of back and forth between the house and ward. Lord Zedd is describing what the killer looks like. He doesn’t have his background. The boyfriends are telling ghosts stories. The one with glasses is such a dork. One guy is telling a story and they are showing it for some reason. Beth must be imagining it since she’s a weirdo. The story took place in the sorority house 15 years ago. Maybe that psycho is that killer and Beth was one of the little girls he tried to murder.

Beth is talking to some guy. I guess that’s her date. He seems to be strange. Everyone but Beth is watching a scary movie on television now. Beth went to bed. I’m expecting weird dreams. I would be correct. She wakes up to see everyone staring at her. One girl goes outside to fix the lights. Someone is sneaking up on her and………it’s a boyfriend again. She knees him in the balls. He wants to sleep with her in this teepee they have. The bad guy has officially arrived! Oh good! Let’s kill some people already. Beth explains her dream that she’s always in the house but everything is different. She seems to know the guy in the dream. My theory from earlier seems correct. She remembers a vision of a knife being put in the fireplace. They decide to check it. The knife is there! The murder weapon from all those years ago! One girl thinks they are playing a prank while another thinks Beth is psychic. Either way, the knife ends up being thrown back int he fire.

Lord Zedd is still calling people saying that Robert Hinkle has escaped. It is confirmed that he killed five members of his family and only a little girl survived. Theory pretty much confirmed at this point. The guy with glasses decides to leave. He runs right into Robert Hinkle and gets a knife in him for his troubles. Meanwhile, they are doing some sort of hypnosis thing so Beth can remember her dreams. Beth sees Bobby in these dreams. She calls him Bobby and she says he is her brother. She was only five then. I guess her name was Laura too. I do recall him saying that name earlier which confused me. This is very Halloweenish. One doofus girl thinks Beth is having a past life experience. The other girls don’t buy that shit.

The one girl and her boyfriend go outside to that teepee. Boob shot. Too bad Bobby is going to ruin their good time. He enjoys stabbing through teepees. Bobby stabs the fuck out of that thing and he kills Tracy with a stab to the heart. Craig runs away from Bobby while he is naked. I guess he didn’t want to fight him. They try the phones, but that shit is cut. Phones aren’t worth shit in 80s films. These days the phones just can’t get reception in slasher films. Beth must be dreaming again. She’s sees a picture of little girls and the picture starts to bleed. I guess those are her sisters and that explains the little girls from earlier in the film. It’s all coming together.

Bobby grabs his knife out of the fireplace. He tries to kills Beth and someone else. Oops. He did kill John. The four people left are hiding out in a room. Bobby wants them dead! Scream out that window for help! It might work! Thank god they have a fire ladder! I think I’d stay in that room a little longer. Doofus girl thinks Bobby is gone and that they should go out the front door. I hope she dies next. My prediction is Craig though since he’s going down the fire ladder first. I’m correct again! Down goes Craig! Haha. Linda asks Craig to hold the ladder still, but Bobby does it for her. Bobby is fast climbing that ladder.  He makes it to the window. They managed to pull Linda in. They smash Bobby’s hands and he falls to the ground from a good height. Doofus thinks he is dead. I’d stay in that room a little longer. They go with the front door strategy instead. Andy, the glasses guy, is dead at the front door. The girls lock everything. Beth has her marble vision again as Bobby jumps through a window. Beth recognizes Bobby as the guy from her dream. They should have just stayed barricaded in that room.

The three girls are all outside now as Bobby walks towards them. Doofus girl thinks Bobby is after her. Bobby stabs the hell out of her. Good riddance. He was calling her Janet for some reason and seeing weird visions too. It’s down to Beth and Linda. The police have arrived. Beth and Linda are still hiding. Beth tells Linda that John’s story was true and that she is Bobby’s sister. Laura is Beth’s first name since Beth is her middle name. She explains they have some weird connection. The girls are making some kinds of plans, but Bobby has found them finally. Beth swings some weapons at Bobby, but she fails miserably. Bobby goes to kill Beth, but Linda smacks him in the head. She then swings at him a few more times. They think he’s dead, but of course he isn’t. He gets one good stab at Linda. This is why you should always finish the job on these killers. So Linda is dead. It’s down to Bobby and Beth. Bobby crawls at Beth grabbing at her feet. Both of them are on the floor. Beth reaches for the knife that he used all those years ago. She stabs him in the neck. I’m hoping Bobby is dead for good. Beth is in the hospital now recovering. She still has bad dreams of Bobby. Sucks to be her. The end!

Final Thoughts

It’s your typical slasher film. It’s not groundbreaking by any means. It borrows a lot of elements from earlier films in the genre and doesn’t do them as well. It can be really confusing at times with all the strange flashbacks. It’s also a bit on the boring side. Not much happens for a while except some mild character building. 80s clothes changing boobs montage does not make your movie great! I did like that they were friendly to Beth about the strange dreams crap. So I guess I liked the characters to that extent. The film is pretty predictable. Bobby isn’t really an interesting killer. He’s basically the poor man’s Michael Myers. That makes sense since this is the poor man’s Halloween. I recommend it to people who like 80s slasher films. Even the shitty ones. Everyone else should stay away.