Merry Christmas, Movie House! 25 Days of Christmas Day 13: That 70s’ Show – An Eric Forman Christmas


Yeah! Back to That 70s’ Show! This is the 3rd Christmas episode of the series. An Eric Forman Christmas is a season 4 episode in the series. The main cast is still in tact and we even get Tommy Chong as Leo which is awesome! It’s time to get into the review!

The Plot

Eric isn’t feeling the Christmas spirit. He’s depressed that Christmas isn’t as good as it was when he was younger. Kitty makes him throw a Christmas Pageant to get back into the Christmas spirit. Kelso is really excited to watch all the Rankin Bass specials like Rudolph, Little Drummer Boy, and Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town. I understand wanting to watch those too. They’re awesome. Everyone makes fun of him for watching them though and they say that those shows are for babies. Eric’s pageant is about the birth of Christ. The whole gang is cast into the parts of Mary, Joseph, and the Wise Men. Kelso wants Joseph and every other character to be space characters since he thinks God is from space. Red is having a Grinch Christmas because he hates Bob’s lights. He even tries to steal them and throw them away. Eric is fired from the pageant because Pastor Dave catches them smoking weed. Eric actually wasn’t doing it during that point. The pageant isn’t going well without Eric since Pastor Dave was tied up by the gang. Leo gives a speech about how they were killing the spirit of Christmas and they go to bring Eric back. Kelso has a pretty sweet dream where he’s in a Rankin Bass special talking to Rudolph,Santa, and the Little Drummer Boy. Kitty gives Eric a raincoat for Christmas since Eric jokingly said he wanted one when he really wanted a cassette player for his car. Thankfully for Eric, his friends bought him one to get him to come back to the play. They light up all of Bob’s Christmas lights and they take a nice photo to end the episode. Well almost! There’s a scene at the end when Kelso comes out during the pageant as a space man and Eric takes off his helmet. Kelso pretends to die without his helmet. It’s pretty funny.


Final Thoughts

This was the best Christmas episode yet. So many funny scenes. I laughed my ass off during the Rankin Bass part. I wasn’t expecting that at all. I will say this episode didn’t highlight as many people as some of the others did. I feel Eric and Kelso got the biggest roles. I can relate to both since I’ve felt like Eric where Christmas isn’t as fun when you get older. I’ve also felt like Kelso where I just love watching all the awesome Rankin Bass specials at Christmas time. Plus I’m a person who still watches Power Rangers and never wants to grow up. Screw getting old! But yeah, none of the other characters really got anything to do. I did love Red being a Grinch to Bob though. I love everything Red does. Great episode!