Merry Christmas, Movie House! 25 Days of Christmas Day 21: That 70s’ Show – Winter


I was wrong about there being a 7th season Christmas episode of Boy Meets World. It was actually a surprise birthday party for Alan that just happened to have Santa Claus in it. My mistake. I figured I would review that last That 70s Show Christmas episode instead. Nothing much has changed in Point Place since the last Christmas episode. Donna’s hair being blond is the only significant change. Thank God there wasn’t a Christmas episode during the last season with no Kelso and Eric. I say we get started. Winter by that That 70s’ Show!

The Plot

So Kelso brings to Eric’s basement a bunch of presents for needy kids from the police station. They of course open up all the presents and want to keep them for themselves. They even launch an Evel Knievel stunt cycle at Fez’s head. They also fly a Funyun into Kelso’s mouth by toy helicopter. Kitty is supposed to lead a Ladies of Point Place Christmas party until some bitchy woman takes it over from her. Jackie is upset that Hyde would rather play with toys than go to the party with her. Kitty is given the job at the party of giving out the presents to all the children. The problem is that when Red goes to get the gifts, they have been stolen. Red is sent home to find stuff for the kids when he catches the guys downstairs playing with the toys. Eric said he did because all he got was raincoats for Christmas instead of an Evel Knievel stunt cycle. It turns out Red did get him one of them once, but Red broke it before giving it to him. The guys agree to take the presents to the party for the kids. They get to the roof and there is a chimney. Hyde says once of them has to go down it. Eric volunteers and falls down the chimney. Hyde said he saw a backdoor though and they’d take the presents through there instead leaving Eric down the chimney. They bring the presents in and Kitty wants to know where Eric is. Hyde asks Kitty and Donna where the chimney went to and Kitty says the bakery. Donna figures to go find Eric there. The presents are revealed and all the kids are happy. Hyde and Jackie have a bit of a falling out though, so that sucks. Things go well for Bob though since he’s apparently hooked up with that mean woman running the party. The woman was not happy that Kitty was made the head person for the Valentine’s Day party. Hyde gets them all a present near the end when they all get high. The episode ends with Eric getting a raincoat for Christmas and the Evel Knievel stunt cycle. The problem is the stunt cycle is broken because Red played with it.


Final thoughts

Another funny That 70s’ Show Christmas episode. This show really knew how to do Christmas specials outside of that one I didn’t care for too much. It had great moments from all the characters. I’d say the best parts are with Kelso and probably Red. I enjoyed the flashback with Red breaking Evel Knievel and Kelso’s shenanigans are always funny. The Hyde/Jackie stuff is a bit of a downer, but like the BMW episode yesterday it advances the plot. I’d recommend this episode to anybody who loves Christmas and That 70s Show.


Merry Christmas, Movie House! 25 Days of Christmas Day 15: That 70s’ Show – Christmas


And we are back with another installment of That 70s’ Show! I never get tired of this show. It’s one of the few shows I can watch whenever it is on. It never fails to make me laugh at some point during the episode. This is the fourth Christmas episode. They got lazy with the title and just called it “Christmas.” Let’s jump into this review!

Poor Jackie is no longer on the cheerleading squad. That sucks for her. She wants Hyde to go to the Christmas dance to help her get back onto the squad. Nobody else wants to go, but Kitty said Red needed elves for when he played Santa at the mall. They all instantly jumped at the idea of going to the dance. Kelso is trying to prove to Brooke that he would make a good dad since he got her pregnant. She’s not really buying it unless he stays at the library with her. Kelso hates libraries. Donna is doing her DJ gig as Hot Donna so she can’t go to the party. At the party, Hyde and Jackie run into the head cheerleader bitch. Jackie and her squabble with each other. Eric, Kelso, Fez, and Hyde find out since they have graduated high school that they are cool because they are older guys. The girls love them. They don’t seem to love Fez though since they don’t remember him and they think he’s a waiter. Kelso feels bad and goes to the library to meet with Brooke. Eric was supposed to meet up with Donna while she was on the radio, but she finds out he is late because the high school girls are noticing him. She goes there to confront him, but she is also hit on by high school guys. They enjoy their being older together and all is good. Head cheerleader bitch gives Jackie her cheerleading job back, but she decides that she doesn’t want it. Fez gets put in the locker by football players. The best part of the episode is Red as Santa. He tells them about them that ponies die, slinkies suck, and that he doesn’t understand Vietnam. Bob tries to stop Red as Santa and Red finally agrees only for the cops to come after Bob Santa since Red is no longer in Santa costume. It’s pretty funny.


Final Thoughts

The episode is worth is for the Red, Bob, and Kitty scenes. Red makes the perfect Grinch Santa. Everything else had good moments. I liked that Kelso had the heart to go to the library to see Brooke. Eric was pretty funny hitting on the girls. Fez did a really good beginning to Blue Christmas, but his singing sucked. Jackie captured the craziness of bitch cheerleaders well. Hyde did well playing off of her too. Donna got good time too with her Hot Donna show. Everyone got something to do, so I think the episode is enjoyable because of that. I will say that it could have easily have not been a Christmas episode if not for the Red stuff. I should mention the great end scene with Kelso at the library shaking Christmas presents and knowing exactly what is in all of them. Good episode. I liked the one before it a little better, but this is probably second best.