Merry Christmas, Movie House! 25 Days of Christmas Day 19: Big Bad Beetleborgs – Christmas Bells and Phasm’s Spells


Ah, we’ve reached the bottom of the Saban barrel. After watching all the Christmas specials of Power Rangers and even one for V.R. Troopers, I just had to find a Big Bad Beetleborgs episode. As I said during the V.R. Troopers episode review, Big Bad Beetleborgs was another attempt by Saban to capitalize off the success of Power Rangers. It lasted a couple seasons, but like V.R. Troopers it never reached the same success as Power Rangers. I watched the show as a kid. I had a few of the action figures. I even had all of Flabber’s mansion. Flabber is this blue guy that helps the Beetleborgs that kind of looks like Jay Leno. Funny thing is the people who lived in that mansion had a good run in my toy playing days. They were all great heel jobbers to my wrestling toys. I couldn’t tell you how many times Stone Cold Steve Austin hit Blue Jay Leno with a Stone Cold Stunner and eliminated him from the Royal Rumble. I’ve put this off long enough. Let’s talk Big Bad Beetleborgs.

The Plot

Well, the bad guys don’t like this new Christmas stuff they are seeing so the main bad guy tells them to steal everything. That’s exactly what they do. I should point out that one of the bad guys sounds exactly like Demidevimon from Digimon. Good old Saban reusing voice actors. Beetleborgs differs from Power Rangers because there are three kids as the heroes instead of teenagers or adults playing teenagers. I don’t really like that difference in the same way I didn’t like Justin in Power Rangers Turbo. Kids don’t want to see other kids as superheroes. I hated it then and I hate it now. So what else is in this episode? There’s some rich kids who are probably the Bulk and Skull type characters of this show. They’re actually the best characters so again it’s similar to Power Rangers. I should mention the mansion place that Blue Jay Leno lives out also features the Universal movie monsters. There’s Frankenstein’s Monster, Dracula, the Wolfman, and the Mummy. They all have names, but that’s what I always called them. The kids find out the bad guys are stealing stuff and they actually morph into action. Finally, a Saban Christmas special where the heroes transform! They take care of the bad guys pretty quickly and even give them Christmas presents. The town is saved and even the rich kids are being nice. Flabber does a bad Santa impersonation and there’s plenty of bad singing during the episode. The episode also has a running gag of Flabber not saying Christmas right.

Final Analysis

This was pretty painful to sit through. As cheesy and silly as Power Rangers and V.R. Troopers were, it was never this bad. This show is way overboard on the cheese. It doesn’t help that the acting isn’t that great either. Some of these kid actors are just dreadful. No emotion in their voices at all. They are almost as bad as Troy from Power Rangers Megaforce. So the episode does its Christmas job, but it’s not really worth your time. A young kid might enjoy it. I must have enjoyed something about the show when I was a kid. I’m assuming it was the actual Beetleborg fights and not the kid actors. That’s one thing Power Rangers had going is that I always remembered the goofy non morphed scenes where the Rangers were being normal teenagers. The kids on this show aren’t worth my time to care about them. Maybe if I watched it from the beginning, but I doubt it. Go watch the Power Rangers Christmas episodes and even the V.R. Troopers one instead.