Merry Christmas, Movie House! 25 Days of Christmas Day 20: Boy Meets World – Santa’s Little Helpers


You know I still haven’t gone Christmas shopping yet. I’m a terrible person, but I am back with another Boy Meets World Christmas episode to review. This episode adds an “s” to the end of the first season episode I reviewed to create a brand new sixth season episode. What has changed since the season 5 Boy Meets World Christmas episode? Cory and Topanga are engaged. Everyone is in college. Rachel has joined the cast. Shawn and Angela broke up. Well, they weren’t actually together before the last Christmas episode I reviewed so they got together and then broke up. I think we are all caught up so will this be the best BMW Christmas? I don’t know!

The Plot

Mr. Feeny really seems in the holiday spirit, but the janitor throws away his Christmas tree. “Happy non-denominational holidays!” Eric has been hired to be Santa Claus and he has made Rachel and Jack his Mrs. Claus and elfboy. Cory invites Shawn to his place for Christmas, but what he doesn’t know is that Topanga invited Angela. This could create problems. Cory and Topanga talk about it, but Cory sees this as an opportunity to put them back together. Cory is really funny in this episode. Eric gets into the holiday spirit as Santa, but a bus full of orphans comes in to make Eric’s job a little tougher. He starts to give presents to all the kids. Eric, Jack, and Rachel go out and buy shit for all those kids. Eric even gives Jack and Rachel his dad’s credit card to buy things.. I’m sure Alan is going to be none too pleased with that. Cory isn’t being too subtle about trying to get Shawn and Angela back together. He takes them to couples only skating and he makes them string popcorn together. They both know what he’s trying to do. Shawn and Angela kiss under the mistletoe adding more drama to this episode. Cory tells Shawn that Angela is still in love with him (she told him in another episode) and Cory also tells Shawn that he knows he still loves her (Topanga told him earlier after Shawn told her in an earlier episode). Shawn talks to Angela and Cory buggles things up more by telling her that Shawn still loves her. Shawn and Angela leave and go to the student union. Shawn says he’s not ready to love, and Angela ends it for good (until season 7). Eric has given all the presents away. He’s even stolen presents from his house to do it. A boy named Tommy comes to Eric and asks him for parents. Eric doesn’t know what to do about this. He even tries talking to God wondering why God sent him this kid. Eric says he will do what he can to make this boy happy. Back at the Matthews house, they open presents to reveal that Eric has left them cards saying their presents have been donated to orphans. Alan is not happy about losing is drill. Eric brings Tommy to the house and asks if it’s alright if he spends Christmas with them. Alan asks Tommy if he got his drill. It’s a nice little moment though that Tommy gets to stay. Another funny part is Mr. Feeny opening a box for a breast pump, but that’s for Amy and not him. Feeny also doesn’t get to put his Wise Santa ornament on the tree which was tradition. I noticed the tree isn’t aluminum in this episode! Damn you, Topanga! Feeny does read A Christmas Carol to close out the relationship. Right when he says Marley is dead as a doornail, Shawn and Topanga walk through the door and that line perfectly described their relationship.


Final Thoughts

It’s not the happiest of Christmas episodes. The Shawn and Angela plot is totally depressing even if Cory is being funny throughout all of it. The Eric plot is also pretty depressing after it started as heartwarming. It ends heartwarming with Tommy staying with them for Christmas and Eric agreeing to be like a big brother to Tommy on weekends. There is another sad episode later in the season where Eric does try to become Tommy’s dad. Mr. Feeny even becomes depressing in this episode since his tree gets thrown away and he doesn’t get to put up his Wise Santa ornament. This episode is just a real downer. It has funny moments with Cory and Eric, but it doesn’t quite put you in the Christmas spirit. It’s probably at the bottom of my favorite Boy Meets World Christmas episodes, but it does advance the plot well. Not every Christmas can be happy so it’s more realistic in that way. I do believe there is still one more Boy Meets World Christmas to go! We’ll see when I get to that.