Merry Christmas, Movie House! 25 Days of Christmas Day 16: Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tales


Oh, Chuck! Charlie Brown has been a staple of television since forever. We’ve grown up with his countless specials on television during Halloween, Thanksgiving, and of course Christmas. We all have seen the well known A Charlie Brown Christmas, but sometimes we get this newer tales like Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tales. How does this one hold up to the original? Let’s find out. Readers beware, you aren’t in for any scares!

The Plot

We get five separate parts in this Peanuts special. It starts with a Snoopy segment. He seems to be having troubles with cats and stuff. He bugs Lucy on the skating rink. Snoopy dresses up like Santa for some reason and poor Rerun tries to complain about not getting all the presents he wanted, but Snoopy just yells at him. The second part is dedicated to Linus and Linus is one of my favorites. Linus tries to write to Santa Claus, but he has no idea what he wants for Christmas. He even writes Santa to not come at one point. He talks to this girl at school who won’t tell him her name. She gives him a different name every day. She’s even Jezebel one day, but Linus points out the Old Testament problem. Linus sure does read his Bible a lot. Third part is about Sally Brown writing to Samantha Claus. I guess she didn’t know he was actually Santa Claus. She complains to Charlie Brown for not telling her, but he doesn’t listen since he was wrapping her present. She’s pleased that she gets a present. There’s also a bit with her arguing with a boy after taking his tree that fell over. The last two parts seem pretty lazy. Lucy’s part is just her trying to get presents from Schroeder and Linus. The final part is of course about Charlie Brown. It should be a grand finale, but it’s really rather bland. I honestly don’t remember what happens. I recall Woodstock getting Lucy’s bike that Charlie ordered for her. That’s all I remember. I even checked Wikipedia and it only has one sentence. “Charlie Brown and Sally prepare for Christmas together.” That’s all it said! That’s terrible!

Final Thoughts

The Linus and Sally segments were the best of the bunch with Linus getting the edge for giving me the most laughs. The last two parts were really boring. I was disappointed in that since I wanted some depressed Charlie Brown in this special. We didn’t even get depressed Charlie Brown. He seemed rather happy. Lame. The Snoopy stuff at the beginning was okay, but I could have done without it. So I would say two good segments, one okay segment, and two pretty bad segments. I’m not sure I’d recommend this one. Go watch A Charlie Brown Christmas instead.