Pokedex Review #10: Caterpie


We are past all the cool starter Pokemon. Now we get into those first Pokemon you encounter in the grass and woods in the games. The dreaded bug Pokemon! Our first bug is Caterpie. I’m not really big on Caterpie. I always thought it was one of those lame Pokemon that you only caught when you wanted to complete your Pokedex. Caterpie evolves at level 7 into Metapod. We’ll get to Metapod later. No really great moves to make note of when it comes to Caterpie. You get basic crap like string shot and tackle. Not very exciting.

I don’t have many great game experiences with Caterpie. I’d catch one here and there. I already said mainly to complete my Pokedex or to get slaughtered by Brock since Caterpie is pretty useless.

Umm, here’s Caterpie and Pikachu talking


Nothing else to say. I’d give Caterpie a 2 out of 10.


Pokedex Review #9: Blastoise


Well, I have held off this review for a few months. It’s been a long time coming. I mean Blastoise is well worth the wait. He’s a pretty sweet Pokemon. I mean he has cannons on his shells. That’s awesome! I have a soft spot for old Blastoise. The first Pokemon game I truly owned was Pokemon Blue, and he’s on the cover of it.. My grandma got it for me when I had my appendix taken out. I played the shit out of my brother’s Red Version, but now I had both games. I basically used the Blue Version to catch all the Pokemon on the Red game but I still love it.


Blue Version has been my game of choice for the last couple years. I managed to catch all 151 on my game. I love me some glitches. Fuck your link cable!

Back to Blastoise! My favorite Blastoise move is Hydro Pump. It’s similar to Fire Blast for Charizard. All kinds of cool. You can pretty much run right through Pokemon Red and Blue with Blastoise. He kicks ass. Too bad you have to wait until Wartortle gets to level 36 t get him. Speaking of which, what the hell is this about Mega Blastoise? Mega Evolves? Pokemon sure has changed since my day.

And here’s some Ash vs. Gary with Blastoise and Charizard


Blastoise is a perfect 10 out of 10!

Pokedex Review #6: Charizard


I’m back finally with the most badass of all Pokemon. The Pokemon who will always be my favorite. The one and only Charizard. As a Charmander guy, that moment when you finally reach Charmeleon evolving into Charizard is one of the highlights of being a Pokemon trainer. You know have one of the biggest badasses in Pokemon history on your side. Serious ass will be kicked when you have a Charizard. I don’t know how many Pokemon I have burned over the years with Flamethrower or Fire Blast. The Elite Four has bitten the dust on many occasions bowing down to me as their Pokemon Master after my Charizard has destroyed them. 

It’s no mystery why Charizard is one of the most popular Pokemon in existence. Everything about him is cool. 


Remember that card. It was one of the most sought after cards when I was younger. It was all because of that 120 HP and the 100 Fire Spin. He was awesome. I never owned that card, but the thought of having it made made the legend of Charizard grow inside my mind. 



It helped to have Pokemon Red. My brother owned the game, but I got the most play out of it. My Charizard destroyed everyone. My love of Pokemon dates back to that Red Version. I managed to catch all 151 Pokemon on there with use of Pokemon Blue, Stadium, Gold, Silver, and Crystal along with trades. Nowadays, I know how to catch all 151 using the glitches in the original games. It’s tough when you are younger. 

The best part of Charizard may have been the anime. He was an antihero, and he didn’t really like Ash. I don’t really like Ash. Charizard and I had that in common. He would always come in and kick some ass and then be lazy. That’s my kind of Pokemon. I guess he still appears on the anime sometimes to bail Ash out of trouble. 


Charizard will always be my favorite Pokemon. A perfect 10 out of 10. I might even go to 11 for him. 


Pokedex Review #5: Charmeleon


Aww Yeah! Now we’re talking. At level 16, that cute Charmander turns into a kickass Charmeleon. Just look at his face. He’s ready to smash some cute Pokemon into the ground. When you get a Charmeleon, that’s when the cool fire moves start to come. Well, they come in the later generations. He gets pretty normal moves like slash in Red and Blue, but that is an effective move too.

In Red and Blue, you are pretty set once you get Charmeleon. You shouldn’t have to worry about any puny gym leader or Team Rocket scum beating you. Charmeleon will slash the crap out of them.

I should mention how much I like the name Charmeleon. It sounds so cool. You have your own Fire Chameleon! It’s a shame that Charmeleon doesn’t seem to have any chameleon like qualities. If he does, then someone should tell me!

Ash’s Charmeleon in the anime was a dick just like all his forms would be. That’s why he was always my favorite of Ash’s Pokemon in the anime. He didn’t like him. I don’t blame him. Ash is an idiot. Here’s a video of Charmander evolving into Charmeleon! Well, the Latino version! Burn Ash’s head off, Charmeleon!

Charmeleon gets a 9 out of 10 from Nodnarb

Pokedex Review #4: Charmander


I’m going out of order with my Pokemon reviews at the moment. I’ll get to Blastoise another day. Today we go over Charmander. While the ladies loved Squirtle, Charmander was my go to Pokemon to impress the girls. I flashed that picture of him from the Pokemon Handbook and the girls would love him! Then I would flip the page to like Muk or something and they would be all like “ew”.

Charmander was my preferred started for Pokemon Red and Blue. It wasn’t easy using Charmander first. Those first two gyms are a pain in the ass with Charmander. Misty’s Starmie still gives me nightmares. It’s worth it in the end though to go with Charmander because he becomes a badass.

I always remember Charmander just having scratch at the beginning of the game. When you finally get a fire move like ember, that’s when shit picks up. I’d usually give him cut or something too when I was young.

I remember when his flame went out on the anime. Poor little guy. Here’s a treat I found on youtube! The full episode of meeting Charmander!


I’d give Charmander an 8 out of 10

Pokedex Review #8: Wartortle


It’s level 16 for Squirtle and that means it is time to become Wartortle. Wartortle is pretty awesome. He has that funky tail that’s cool. Those weird ears that stick out. He’s pretty much an improvement over Squirtle in every way. Gone is that Squirtle cuteness. It’s been replaced with coolness.

I think it would be funny to watch someone surf on a Wartortle in real life. I don’t think there would be a lot of room. Not much else to say about this Pokemon. It’s a fun water type Pokemon that you get if you choose Squirtle as your starting Pokemon. It’s awesome!

I should mention a Wartortle Squad exists. Not as cool as Squirtle Squad, but still cool.


I give Wartortle a 9 out of 10

Pokedex Review #7: Squirtle


It’s time to get going again with the next Kanto starter: Squirtle! I was a Ninja Turtles kid growing up. That means I enjoy me some turtles. You don’t get much better than Squirtle. It’s a good old fashioned water Pokemon. Squirtle is good to have in Pokemon Red and Blue because of the type advantage at the first gym and he’s equal with Misty’s Pokemon at the second gym. I always liked his moveset with fun moves like Water Gun and Bubblebeam.

I remember in elementary school that Squirtle was quite popular with the ladies. They believed it to be cute. It is a cute Pokemon. I will admit that.

Recently when I played Pokemon Blue I started with Squirtle. I went with the only use him approach which made him pretty much overpower all the opponents in the game. I think that save game became corrupted so I started a new one. I caught all 151 on the new save (yay for Mew glitch).

Squirtle was one of my favorite Pokemon from the anime. That’s became there was a whole squad of them! The Squirtle Squad kicked all kinds of ass!

Squirtle gets a 8 out of 10 from me.