Merry Christmas, Movie House! 25 Days of Christmas Day 25: A Christmas Story

I can’t believe there was once a time when there was Christmas without A Christmas Story. It’s a family tradition these days to watch it. It airs 24 hours on TBS. Whether you like it or not, you’ll end up watching at least a scene of this film during Christmas. Truth be told, I can’t think of a time where I have watched the film the entire way through. I’ve seen all of the film but not at once. That 24 hour marathon screws with my viewing of the film. I know I can always catch certain parts of it during the day. The film has a pretty basic story. Our lead character is Ralphie. He wants a Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas, but everyone thinks he will shoot his eye out. It’s classic. A must watch for the holiday season. I’m going to list my top five favorite parts of the film.

1. Evil Santa – This is my favorite scene in the film. Ralphie and his brother, Randy, go to see Santa Claus at the mall. Santa and his elves are the meanest people you’ll ever see. The Santa says, “Ho, ho, ho” nonstop like a crazy man. Most kids scream when they get to him (including Randy) and the elf throws them down the slide. Ralphie can’t think of what to say to Santa and Santa suggests a football. Ralphie gets thrown down the slide, but he stops himself and pulls himself back up the slide. He tells Santa what he really wants (Red Ryder BB gun), but Santa tells him he will shoot his eye out. Santa then puts his foot on Ralphie’s face and sends him down the slide. What a dick. I’d never go to that Santa again.


2. Pink Bunny – Ralphie’s aunt tends to give Ralphie bad presents every Christmas since she thinks that Ralphie is four and a girl. This Christmas Ralphie got a pink bunny costume. He doesn’t want to wear it but his mother makes him. She’s worse than the Santa Claus. It’s so embarrassing when you see Ralphie come down the stairs in that bunny outfit. His brother laughs at him while his mom thinks it is cute. His father has a bit of a heart and lets him take it off. The father is not a dick like Santa.


3. Ralphie Goes Mad – A bully had been picking on Ralphie and his friends for some time. He’s a red haired kid named Farkus. You might remember him getting killed in Freddy vs. Jason. Farkus is often seen making fun of Ralphie and being mean. One day Ralphie finally snaps and it is glorious. Ralphie just beats the shit out of him. He tackles him and punches him nonstop. Ralphie goes into some sort of trance where the only thing he thinks about is punching Farkus. His mom finally stops him, but it was so worth it.


4. Leg Lamp – Ralphie’s dad wins  some sort of contest and gets the best prize ever. He gets a leg lamp! It comes in a box that says it’s fragile. His dad pronounces it as Frageely and thinks it’s Italian. A classic moment in the film. I bought my dad a mini leg lamp last year for Christmas. The poor leg lamp in this film doesn’t quite fair as well since it gets broken. The mean mom character broke it since she was always jealous of it! That poor father!


5. Triple Dog Dare – Who could forget this iconic scene in the film! While at recess, Ralphie’s friend, Flick, gets into an argument with another friend named Schwartz about whether or not your tongue could get stuck to the pole in the freezing cold. It gets serious when dares are thrown into the mix. The biggest dare is the triple dog dare. Schwartz even skips the triple dare to go straight for the triple dog dare. Flick had no choice but to stick his tongue on the pole at that point. He does it and his tongue does indeed get stuck. The fire department is called to save him after all the kids left him outside.


It’s a great film with so many nostalgic moments for me. Go watch it if you haven’t yet today. You might be able to catch the end on TBS right about now. You can see the dogs eat the turkey and force them to eat at the Chinese restaurant. I had fun writing these reviews for 25 days. I may do this again next year. Merry Christmas and have a happy New Year!


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