Merry Christmas, Movie House! 25 Days of Christmas Day 14: Boy Meets World – A Very Topanga Christmas


So happy to return to Boy Meets World! It never gets old! The 3rd Christmas episode of the series features the classic Christmas Carol theme. Of course! It’s a staple of television Christmas specials. I’m surprised Boy Meets World waited until the 5th season to do it. Main difference in Boy Meets World season 5 is the addiction of Matthew Lawrence as Jack Hunter. He plays Shawn’s half brother who lived with his mom instead of their dad. Jack came up in a rich family as opposed to Shawn. How will the two get along on their first Christmas? What about Cory and Topanga? Find out now!

The Plot

The Matthews family is setting up their Christmas decorations. They have their eggnog and their aluminum tree. Topanga is staying over for Christmas this year because her parents (played by various actors over the years) are assholes. Topanga does things very differently on Christmas. She likes her cider,green tree, and she likes to open presents on Christmas Eve. This causes a dilemma between her and Cory. Cory is surprised to learn how different he actually is than Topanga. Eric is constantly complaining to Cory about it. He even asks if Topanga still wants Christmas on the 25th. Topanga wakes up at 3 in the morning to talk to Cory because she gets up that early sometimes. Cory is not used to this. His father is also up at that time. Alan gets Cory a good father/son talk about being married and how it sucks. He doesn’t really say it sucks. The next morning, Cory flips out on Topanga about their differences. He heads over to Shawn and Jack’s apartment. I guess Eric lives there too but he’s not really there in this episode. Shawn and Jack are spending their first Christmas together and they are looking for something in common. They eventually come to learn they both love ice skating so they go do that after Shawn tries to talk some sense into Cory. Cory falls asleep watching A Christmas Carol on TV when Mr. Feeny as the Ghost of Christmas Future talks to him. Feeny was in the episode earlier wanting to read the story, but Topanga wanted the whole family to act out the thing. I probably would have run away from Topanga too. Feeny shows Cory his future where he is fat and being taken care of by bald Eric. He only eats Christmas tree pancakes because of Topanga’s love of them. Topanga on the other hand is married to Jack which is really weird. Cory learns his lesson and he gives his promise ring to Topanga who also gives him one. It’s all a happy ending and Feeny gets to read A Christmas Carol!!!!! They all fall asleep listening to him read it. Poor Feeny!


Final Thoughts

I’d probably move this episode up to my favorite Boy Meets World Christmas episode. Christmas is the central theme to the episode and it has an important theme of two different people who love each other trying to find common bonds during Christmas. Cory and Eric are the best parts of the episode. I guess I can include Feeny in there as well. Shawn and Eric are good in their scenes, but no great laughs come from them. I liked seeing Topanga and Cory work out their differences for the good of Christmas! It’s just too bad they breakup in the next few episodes. Damn you, Lauren! It’s still a good episode though. Worthy of a Christmas watch!


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