Merry Christmas, Movie House! 25 Days of Christmas Day 11: Blackadder’s Christmas Carol


I’m going British today! I’ve heard great things about Blackadder which was a show in Britain starring Rowan Atkinson. I’ve never bothered watching the show since I’m an American and I don’t like things that are different. Netflix has made try things different recently. I’ve always enjoyed Rowan Atkinson in Mr. Bean, so I’m sure he is just as good in Blackadder. So what did I think of Blackadder’s Christmas Carol? Keep reading to find out!

The Plot

I could probably some up the plot pretty quickly. I guess I should get into the backstory of Blackadder all together. BBC ran a few different series of Blackadder and in all of him he’s a sneaky, conniving opportunist. He’s really not a good guy, but he’s an anti-hero we can enjoy. In Blackadder’s Christmas Carol, he begins the exact opposite of that. He’s the nicest man in town! Blackadder and Baldrick (His sidekick/servant) are trying to have a nice Christmas, but the problem is that they are very poor. Everyone who comes over takes advantage of Blackadder. They take their tiny tree, their little turkey, and their nuts! They end up with nothing left on Christmas Eve. His goddaughter even takes all their presents which was just a hat and gloves. Queen Victoria even comes over at one point, but she really wants to visit the lady next door. Blackadder is still nice to her though since he’s basically Scrooge at the end of A Christmas Carol. In his sleep, Blackadder is visited by Hagrid….I mean the Spirit of Christmas…Hagrid is easier to write. So Hagrid tells him all the cool powers he has and Blackadder is intrigued by it. Hagrid shows some Blackadders from the past and present Blackadder enjoys the nefarious ways the old Blackadders lived by. This was the opposite effect that Hagrid wanted. Eventually, Blackadder asks Hagrid what his future would be like if he was bad. That future shows him as a ruler of the universe pretty much marrying the queen. Blackadder then makes Hagrid show him the future if he remained nice. That future Blackadder has been replaced by Baldrick’s ancestor. This convinces Blackadder that being mean is the way to make it in life. He wakes up the next morning and immediately punches Baldrick in the face. He gleefully takes money from the people that took advantage of him the day before and he even shuts the door on Queen Victoria. Queen Victoria was going to reward him with 50,000 pounds, but he makes fun of Professor Sprout and calls her fat and ugly. The problem is Blackadder did not think she was the real Queen. She had only showed the royal seal to Baldrick. So being mean doesn’t end entirely well for this Blackadder, but he still gets a nice big turkey at the end.


Final Thoughts

I had fun seeing Mr. Bean, House, Hagrid, Professor Sprout, and Rita Skeeter in roles I hadn’t seen before. I guess these shows were the reasons why they got those roles in things like Harry Potter. Damn, Mr. Bean would have been awesome in Harry Potter. The special itself depends on how you like your humor. British humor is very different than American humor. It’s more clever and dry. They rely on wordplay and wit. I like that to an extent, but sometimes I feel it’s too much. I did love the reversal of A Christmas Carol with the nice guy wanting to be bad at the end. It’s nice to see that nice guys sometimes do indeed finish last. Rowan Atkinson is great in the role. I was so used to him not talking as Mr. Bean, but he’s really quite hilarious. I also enjoy every time he punches Baldrick in the face. He deserved it. I’d give it a good recommendation if you are into British humor and want to see something different. American audiences might not enjoy it as much, but it’s worth a watch.


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