Merry Christmas, Movie House! 25 Days of Christmas Day 10: That 70s’ Show – Hyde’s Christmas Rager


I figured I should change it up a bit and go back to That 70s’ Show instead of continuing Boy Meets World today. I like a good mix of styles. Not much has changed in the That 70s’ Show world since the first season Christmas episode. All the main characters are still around in the third season episode. Laurie Forman isn’t in this one, but she disappears a lot during the show’s run. I think I should just get on with it already. Here’s Hyde’s Christmas Rager!

The Plot

Hyde has been living with his father, Bud, for some time. We later find out that Bud isn’t his real father, but that’s in the future. I don’t remember too much of Bud in his run on the show. He’s a pretty forgettable character. Bud allows Hyde, Eric, Kelso, and Fez to throw a party at his place. Kitty comes over at some point to deliver things and the gang pretends to Christmas carol which Kitty find suspicious but she doesn’t do anything about it. Jackie is complaining that she’s single for the first time on Christmas. Nobody loves her and she wants a man to kiss her under the mistletoe. Donna makes fun of her the whole time. They’re terrible friends. Eric keeps losing the drinking game at the party and he winds up pretty drunk. Kelso takes him home and Eric starts mocking Red. The problem is that Red is right behind him. Eric solves this problem by throwing up on Red’s shoes. That’s not good. Donna and Jackie are at some bar where Jackie is hitting on firemen. Donna makes fun of the firemen for talking to high school girls. Jackie laughs at one of their jokes and the firefighter says he used to date a girl with that laugh twenty years ago. It turns out it was Jackie’s mom and then things get awkward. Back at Forman house, Kitty complains about Bud’s bad parenting. Red shows up and gets Bud a pep talk about how you have to bring down the law on your kids to get them to know right and wrong. They’ll hate you for it, but they’ll know to make the correct choices. Bud goes back to his house and ends Hyde’s party right before Fez was going to light himself on fire. Hyde tells Eric later that Bud is making him do homework and eat his vegetables now along with other stuff. Hyde seems pleased that Bud actually cares to be a good father now. I guess that doesn’t work out later in the series since Hyde ends up back at the Formans. Eric makes fun of Hyde and Hyde playfully attacks him before Red comes into the basement. Red is ready to give Eric a nice talking to but Eric apologizes and says how ashamed he is. Red gives Eric a present, but SURPRISE!!!! It’s the shoes that Eric vomited on haha. That Red sure is funny!


Final Thoughts

It’s got a few decent laughs, but it’s a lackluster That 70s’ Show episode. It’s an even worse Christmas episode. Christmas is put in the background throughout the episode. Small nods are made here and there, but I feel this episode could have worked the same without all the Christmas references. The episode falls into the same problem that the Easy Street episode of Boy Meets World did. I like when my Christmas episodes focus primarily on Christmas and use it to advance the stories. This episode and the BMW episode put Christmas on the backburner for what could easily have been a run of the mill episode the series. I liked seeing Bud and Hyde bond a little. The Eric and Red plot was my favorite part of the episode. I could have done without Jackie and Donna’s plot. It went nowhere. Fez didn’t get much to do. He might as well have lit himself on fire. Kelso surprisingly isn’t around for much of the episode. He’s in the beginning, the drinking game, and he takes Eric home. That’s it. Not his most exciting episode. This episode could have used more of his stupidity. Decent episode, but not good for the holiday season.


3 thoughts on “Merry Christmas, Movie House! 25 Days of Christmas Day 10: That 70s’ Show – Hyde’s Christmas Rager

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