Merry Christmas, Movie House! 25 Days of Christmas Day 8: Boy Meets World – Santa’s Little Helper


I love Boy Meets World. It might just be my favorite television show of all time. I remember hearing the word of Girl Meets World and being the happiest guy on the planet. I figured Christmas would be a good time to revisit my favorite show. This episode is from the first season and is the first of a few Christmas episodes on Boy Meets World. The first season of Boy Meets World is far from my favorite season, but there are a lot of good moments. Plus the first season has Minkus! I’ve been watching some One Tree Hill recently. Don’t judge me! Lee Norris who plays Minkus on Boy Meets World has a big role on that show as the character, Mouth. He’s a bit of a nerd in both, but he’s awesome either way. Time to review this episode.

The Plot

It starts with Mr. Feeny (the greatest teacher ever) reading A Christmas Carol to his 6th grade class. It’s a bit of a Christmas tradition on Boy Meets World to have Feeny read the Dickens classic. Cory and Shawn do their typical make fun of the Feeny book of the week routine which makes Feeny have Topanga switch seats with Cory. This is the first season so Topanga is a total weirdo. One thing I forget about in the first season is that it has a theme song with opening credits. It’s the most elaborate of all the Boy Meets World openings, but I like it. After the theme song, Cory and Shawn talk about what they are getting for Christmas. Shawn says he’s getting a shitload of stuff while Cory brags about getting a basketball. Cory also complains about wool in this episode a fair bit. Cory notices that Shawn has a packed lunch today which is unusual. Cory shows Shawn that he’s saved up five bucks to buy a net for his ball. Minkus asks Shawn for five dollars to pay for Feeny’s class gift, but Shawn says he doesn’t have the money yet. Minkus says that he has been putting off paying him for a couple of days now. The youngest daugher, Morgan, who is maybe  4 or 5. I’m not sure. She went to visit Santa Claus where one of the elves was possibly a mobster. She sat on Santa’s lap and he had a heart attack. She’s now locked herself in the bathroom because she thinks that she has killed Santa. Alan, the father, thought it was hilarious when he heard the story. Cory comes in and checks under the Christmas tree for presents. He immediately finds the wool present. Cory goes to tell Shawn when his dad stops him. His dad tells him that Shawn’s dad got laid off from work and that Shawn won’t be getting many presents this year. Yes, I do believe this is the first “Shawn is poor” episode. Cory believes that giving Shawn one of his presents will make things better. It goes wrong with Shawn not wanting Cory’s charity. Mr. Feeny listened in on the conversation and he told Cory that Cory only gave Shawn the gift because Cory wanted the thanks from it. Mr. Feeny is a smart man. He always delivers good advice. The next day at school, Minkus demands Shawn to give him the money but Shawn still can’t give him any. Minkus tells him that he will not get his name on the card and he will look like a deadbeat. Shawn leaves, but Cory comes to the rescue. Cory tells Minkus that Shawn loaned him five bucks and Cory pays off Minkus. In class, Minkus gives Feeny the present. Feeny reads all the names including Shawn. After class, Shawn thanks Minkus for putting his name on there when Minkus tells him what happened. Shawn finds Cory back at his house and he gives him an old net he found in his garage. The two are best friends again and all is well. Morgan has spent the episode in the bathroom until she is bribed out by Eric (older brother) and her mom. She is happy until the mobster elf comes and scares her some more. The episode concludes with Mr. Feeny dressed as Santa Claus to convince Morgan that Santa is still alive. I think Feeny does a bad job since he doesn’t even put the beard over his mouth. Morgan even figures it out wondering why Santa looks like Mr. Feeny. The End!


Final Thoughts

It’s pretty good for a first season Boy Meets World episode. I’m more partial to season 2 myself. While the “Shawn is poor” stuff gets a bit tired throughout the seasons, it’s nice to see where it all begins. Mr. Feeny is in top form in this episode. He gives out his usual advice and comes through as Santa in the end. He’s awesome. Cory seems like an idiot throughout the episode caring only about getting gifts that aren’t wool. He shines at the end though finally learning his lesson. I didn’t mention Eric much in this episode since he has a small role. He has the best line though when talking to Morgan in the bathroom. He tells her Santa is on the phone and that he said, “Ho Ho Hoohohoh” imitating a heart attack. I got a good laugh out of that scene. Shawn does well hiding that he’s poor, and it’s easy to see why he’s upset when Cory gives him a charity gift. I like that he knows in the end that Cory was just trying to be a friend. Boy Meets World is nothing without the Cory/Shawn bromance. Overall, it’s a fun Christmas episode and I would gladly watch it every Christmas. I might need to track down the other Boy Meets World Christmas episodes to compare. That sounds like a plan.


4 thoughts on “Merry Christmas, Movie House! 25 Days of Christmas Day 8: Boy Meets World – Santa’s Little Helper

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