Halloween Havoc 2013 Day 27: Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood


Going back to my good friend named Jason Voorhees. I reviewed the sixth film in the Friday the 13th series at the beginning of the month. I decided to go back to Crystal Lake and watch Part VII. How does it compare to that one? I’ve seen this film a lot. I’m a big fan of the series, so this one has been watched a good deal of times. It marks the first appearance of Kane Hodder as Jason. We love Kane Hodder as Jason! Let’s get to the review.

The Plot

Jason is still stuck at the bottom of Lake Forest Green…oh it’s back to being Crystal Lake in this one. A girl named Tina is back at the lake after killing her father with her Carrie like powers when she was younger. This film has been called Carrie vs. Jason by some people. Tina has a psych doctor who is a complete asshole. His name is Dr. Crews. She meets a guy named Nick at the lake. He is there because there is supposed to be a birthday party for his cousin. A decent sized group are there to celebrate led by head bitch, Melissa. There’s some other characters like the nerd, black couple, glasses girl, fake redhead, swimming couple, and sleeping bag couple. They all die. The cousin dies first, so he never makes it to his birthday party. That’s a shame. Jason picks everyone off one by one. The final five are Tina, Nick, Melissa, and Dr. Crews. Dr. Crews actually causes Tina’s mom to die. He’s a dick. It’s great when Jason finally kills him. Melissa is such a bitch too that it’s hilarious when Jason axes her to the head and then tosses her over the television. The rest of the film is Tina using psychic powers to combat Jason. Poor Jason gets the fuck beaten out of him. It all ends up with Tina bringing her dad back to life to pull Jason back under the water. Jason just can’t get away from that damn lake!

The Characters

This film has a lot of characters I like. Tina and Nick are good characters. You actually root for both of them to survive. It helps that they become a couple. Melissa is a great bitch. She’s very entertaining. She spends a lot of the film hitting on Nick, but she never gets him. Dr. Crews is in the same boat. He’s a slimy asshole who only cares about himself. Too bad he doesn’t hit on Nick too lol. Both of their deaths are so worth it. Kane Hodder brings a lot to the table as Jason. He has the right mannerisms for the role, and it’s always fun watching him in the role. It’s just too bad he’s in arguably the four worst films in the franchise.

The Kills

This film has the classic sleeping bag kill where Jason picks up a sleeping bag and smashes it against a tree. It’s hilarious. Nothing else is super memorable. The MPAA neutered the hell out of this film. A lot of the good deaths had to be cut down because of too much blood or something. Damn the soccer moms back then! We enjoy it when Jason brutally kills someone!

Final Thoughts

I enjoy the film. It’s not in my top half of favorite Friday the 13th films, but there is a lot to enjoy. Jason has never looked better. His costume design is great. It looks like he’s been through hell. Part VIII misses the ball by not keeping that design. The lack of good kills because of the MPAA really hurts this film. The Carrie act is cool, but it gets tiresome after a bit. If you asked me to put a film in the franchise based on how watchable this one is. I’d rank it near the bottom. I still recommend it. It’s fun, but not as fun as other films in the franchise.


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