Halloween Havoc 2013 Day 26: Satan’s Little Helper


The girlfriend and I just dived deep into the Netflix pool of horror movies and found Satan’s Little Helper. It stars Christopher Plummer’s daughter who is wondering what happened to her career. The film came out in 2004 for mixed reviews, and that’s the exact thing it got from us. We split on how we liked the film. I’m going to dive into it. No running commentary, but spoilers will be mentioned.

The Plot

So this young boy named Dougie is a big fan of this game called Satan’s Little Helper. He’s so obsessed that it’s pretty embarrassing. He even dresses up like the character in the game for Halloween. He also has this weird incest crush on his sister, Jenna, who is probably about 10 years older than him. She is rather attractive. She also has a new boyfriend named Alex. Dougie doesn’t like Alex because of his incest crush. He finds this guy running around in a weird Satan mask. The guy has been killing people. Dougie wants to work for him and have him kill Alex. Dougie thinks everything is a game throughout the movie. Satan is killing people, but Dougie thinks it is all fake. Alex gets knocked out by Satan for awhile. Satan pretends to be Alex and he torments the family. Satan doesn’t talk throughout the film. Dougie just makes him do shit like running over people in shopping carts. Dougie finally realizes that Satan is actually killing people when Satan kills his dad. Satan also kills Alex’s dad at one point. Alex returns and helps out Jenna and Dougie. Alex gets stupid too at one point and thinks his father is Satan. Satan gets the smart idea of putting his dead dad in his costume so they shoot him. They think it’s over at that point. Satan finds a new costume though. He’s dressed as Jesus Christ! This movie is really dumb! He finds the family again and they try to fight him off at their house. At some point he puts Alex into the Jesus costume and Jenna and her mom kill him. Jenna is sad about killing Alex, but thankfully a cop comes over to end the film! Too bad the cop is obviously Satan.

The Characters

All the characters are morons. Every last one of them. Dougie is a stupid kid. The parents are stupid. Well, the mom is more stupid since we don’t see much of the dad. Alex has his dumb moments thinking his dad was Satan. Jenna doesn’t have them quite as much, but she’s pretty dumb too. The smartest character is obviously Satan. He’s the most entertaining too. He doesn’t even have to say anything. His silly hand gestures are the best part of the film. He killed that cute little kitty though. I don’t like when cute kitties are killed!

Final Thoughts

I didn’t care for this one. Everything was too stupid. It had moments of entertainment like the shopping cart scene, and Satan just being hilarious. The film goes on way too long. It should have ended twenty minutes earlier. They didn’t need the Jesus costume part. I found it hilarious he switched to a Jesus costume, but the film was tiresome at that point. Best part of the film might have been Jenna in that wench costume. She looked good. My girlfriend enjoyed it. She agreed that it was too long. I wouldn’t recommend it. It might be more fun if you are drunk. I wasn’t so it sucked.


2 thoughts on “Halloween Havoc 2013 Day 26: Satan’s Little Helper

  1. tanyaliva says:

    I feel like this movie would be worse if you were drunk haha. I enjoyed this film more than you did, although some stuff was just so dumb.

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