Halloween Havoc 2013 Day 23: Devil


Devil! That is the title of this film. On paper that seems like a pretty bland and simple title. Simple can be effective at times. This film is from 2010. I highly doubt they are the first people to name their film Devil. It seems like there would be a hundred films already with that title. So is this film any good? Let’s find out! It’s time to watch Devil. I really feel this title should have an article.

I wonder how they got Universal on board to do this film. Bible quotes are very common at the beginning of films these days especially in the satanic genre. Some voiceover guy is telling us that his mommy used to say the devil would take human form. That’s a way to scare your kids. Holy fuck! Everything is upsidedown! It’s the end of the world! The devil did this! That sick bastard! Jesus needs to fix this! The film is taking us through an elevator shaft now. Oh god! Produced by M. Night Shayamalan and the story is by him too! Everything is the right way again. M. Night is not directing this. The narrator was speaking a bunch of crap about the devil traps people in confined places and turns people against each other.  The last to die will die in front of their loved ones and it all starts with a suicide. A guy falls onto a truck from a building right as this happens. There’s our suicide!

Two guys are talking over a cup of coffee. I guess this guy’s family was killed. His name is Detective Bowden. I assume Detective is not his first name.  He’s called in for that suicide. The poor person fell on the Bethel Breads truck. Bowden believes he was a jumper because of the rosary in his hand. The other guy is confused since he came down pretty forceful. They figure out the truck rolled from where he fell. Silly music plays every now and then. It’s supposed to be scary I guess, but I find it goofy. Two people try to get on an elevator, but it is full. Thankfully another one opens up. Five people get on the elevator. A young woman, an older woman, a black guy, a foreign guy, and a white guy. The elevator stops. That figures. The security guys notice elevator 6 is having trouble. They call the fixer guy. He’s busy with a broken window, but he’ll get to fixing it.

The older lady is not happy about being stuck in an elevator. The black man works at the building. He’s bickering with the old lady. The security guys talk to them in the elevator. The elevator people can hear them, but they can’t hear the elevator folk. The white man seems creepy. The black man just wants to keep his job at the security desk. He makes a phone call, but that never goes well in horror films. The foreign guy is very charismatic, but he’s also rather annoying. He calls himself a nice guy, but he seems more like an asshole to me. It doesn’t help that he’s singing with the elevator music.

Bowden is still walking around outside trying to figure out where that body fell from. He finds glass on the ground and declares it a crime scene. He’s also been dating for 90 days! That’s good since his family died. The lights are turned out int he elevator to check stuff. The old lady gets freaked out a little. The black man is claustrophobic. The white man is looking for a way out through the top. He gets the top open but realizes it is safer to stay in the elevator. Batman and Robin would have climbed up. The security guys discuss that someone might have jumped out that window that was broken. The foreign guy is trying to shill his mattress company. He should die first. The white guy hates the elevator music. The young female thinks that the foreign guy touched her ass. She doesn’t seem to like him much. She’s smart.

The fixer guy doesn’t see anything wrong with the elevator. He figures he will have to fix things manually. One of the guards sees something on his screen in the elevator room. I do believe that security guard provided the narration for at the beginning of the film. The fixer guy about got himself crushed. He’s not doing his job very well. Lights keep going on and off in the elevator. The younger lady appears to have a cut of some sort and she’s bleeding. That’s unfortunate. The white guy is still going crazy about that elevator music. The security guys turn it off. The foreign guy is getting blamed for hurting the girl. He even thinks she might have done it herself. He’s not making himself look very good. He even called the black man his bro. Kill him! He’s annoying!

Our detective is talking to his woman. He’s getting called to do stuff probably having to do with that suicide. Ramirez, the security guard, still thinks he sees images on the security footage. The elevator people are trying to get the door open. The foreign guy offers to help, but they don’t like him. The black guy even calls him a creepy motherfucker. He is creepy. Our detective is talking to the elevator people now. He tells them to remain calm. I don’t think that will have much effect. The black man is named Ben. We know that now since he’s a temporary security guard. Ramirez is trying to tell the detective about what he saw, but the other security guy says to ignore him. The detective wants to know their names like I do. Showing their IDs didn’t work since it was too hard to read. He’s going to the visitors logs instead.

The girl sees some strange images when the lights flicker. It sounds like an animal or something is moving through the room. Oh no! The foreign guy is possibly dead. That’s a shame. Ramirez tossed a piece of toast or pizza in the air and since it fell the wrong way, the devil is around. He believes that one of the people in the elevator might be the devil. The people on the elevator think that the cop will be wondering which one murdered the foreign guy. The cop is trying to figure out why someone would murder with three other people in the elevator. The white guy was in Afghanistan. Ben claims that means he’s been trained to kill people. The detective finds a suicide note. The note says something about the devil. Maybe they should ask that Ramirez guy for more help. The white guy tries to go out through the top, but Ben stopped him. Nobody leaves! The foreign guy named Vince ran bad schemes apparently. It’s a good thing he died.

Ramirez shows Detective Bowden a face he saw on the cameras. Bowden shows him a note that someone left him when he killed his wife and son in a hit in run. It says, “I’m so sorry.” Bowden doesn’t believe in the devil because of lame things like that. The old lady has mace! Ben knocks it out of her hands. He doesn’t want to be blinded. Lol. Her pepper spray expired in 1987. The fixer guy is having some trouble working in the shaft. Blood on the ceiling of the elevator. That’s not good. Did fixer guy die? Poor Dwight the fixer guy if he is dead. Bowden checks it out and he is dead. He fell and impaled himself. Poor Dwight. The detective finds footage of everyone. Jane is the old lady and she is a thief. Sarah is a liar. Ben is a thug. No information on the white guy. They see some weird footage on the cameras of dead bodies. They find footage of the white man where he is carrying a satchel. He no longer has it.

I accidentally spoiled this movie for myself on Wikipedia. It’s going to hurt my viewing of this. The old lady is dead now by hanging from a wire. The detective quarantines the building. He thinks the white guy is to blame. They want that satchel! They find it filled with some tools. They wonder if he could rig an elevator with those. I’m sure someone could. Ramirez is talking to the people in the elevator. He’s possible doing some sort of prayer in Spanish. The final three alive people in the elevator finally exchange names. We have Ben, Sarah, and Tony left. Tony thinks Ben did the killings. This causes the two to fight. Bowden tells them to stop and they comply. He asks Ramirez how this story will end. Ramirez says they will all die. He’s not a very positive guy.

Sarah is a known blackmailer who marries rich men for their money. All these people are assholes. I recognize the guy Bowden talks to who was going to meet with Sarah before she got stuck in the elevator. Wikipedia says he was in Jason X. Oh, that’s right. He’s the guy that said Jason just wanted his machete back. The security guard who isn’t Ramirez got electrocuted or something. He’s fucked. A lot of shit is going on in this film. The three people in the elevator are bickering some more. It’s getting a bit repetitive. Bowden founds out more information like that Sarah’s husband owns the security company. Maybe Ben is going to kill her! I could use a nap. Lights out! Ben is dead! Down to two. Bowden is confused as fuck now! The two people both think the other is a murderer. Too bad Wiki already told me who the killer is.

Bowden still wants Ramirez to give him answers so he can save people. Ramirez ain’t telling him shit. Ramirez in Highlander would have given great advice. Lights flickering in that elevator again. Sarah is down. Tony did sign in since his fiance is there. Everything about him is figured out. The old lady rises. She’s the devil! She didn’t really hang herself! Damn M. Night and his twists! Too bad Wikipedia spoiled that one for me. We get a flashback and it’s revealed that Tony killed Bowden’s family in the hit and run. Tony tells Bowden that he killed a mother and child in a hit and run. Bowden knows it was Tony. Satan lady just stares at him. She loses power since Tony confessed to his sin. The lights went out and she’s disappeared. Bowden forgives Tony and all is well. Ramirez gives us a voiceover that says God must be real since the devil is real. Good point. Hey, the world isn’t upsidedown anymore! Credits!

Final Thoughts

It’s not really super entertaining by any means. It is basically a whodunit story, but it’s not that interesting. The devil aspect is neat, but I can’t say I was ever really into this film. It’s just decent. Not a great film by any means and it’s not terrible. I would have even preferred a terribly bad film. It’s just sort of bland. Would I recommend it? Eh, maybe!


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