Halloween Havoc 2013 Day 19: Carrie (2013)


Last night I went to the movies! I guess the biggest horror type film out this weekend was Carrie. This film is a remake of a film that came out in the 70s based on a book by Stephen King. I’ve never actually seen the original film. I mean I have seen a few scenes, and I basically know what happened in that film. It was good to come into this remake not having seen the original though. Unlike other remakes like Halloween, Friday the 13th, and Nightmare on Elm Street, I didn’t have the chance to be disappointed that the film sucked more than the original. I’m going to give out some spoilers in this review so be warned.

The Plot

Carrie White is an innocent young girl born to Julianne Moore. Julianne Moore is a crazy religious woman. In gym class, Carrie is basically a loser. She seems to suck at sports like I do. She showers with the other girls, but then she starts bleeding all over the place. I guess she had her period. It could have been something else, but we will stick with period. The other girls start throwing tampons and crap at her. Those bitches! The main bitch is our main antagonist in the film. A girl named Sue feels remorse for throwing stuff at her and she wants to make it up to her. She does this by telling her boyfriend to go to the prom with Carrie. The boyfriend is actually pretty nice to Carrie. He’s very nice to Carrie and he does indeed take her to the prom while Sue stays home. The mean bitch girl and her bitchy friends plan to ruin Carrie’s prom experience. Carrie’s mom also tries to stop her from going, but Carrie locks her in the closet. The bitch and her boyfriend kill a poor pig to get its blood.

They set the blood up over the spot where the prom queen is. The ballot is rigged so Carrie and Tommy (Sue’s boyfriend) become king and queen. They drop the blood on Carrie and show the video of Carrie getting tampons thrown at her. This is very cruel and embarrassing. The bucket also falls on Tommy’s head which kills him. Sue tried to warn Carrie about the bitch’s plan, but the gym leader tossed her out of the prom. The gym teacher made only one mistake in the film and that was it. Otherwise, she was pretty nice. Carrie decides to take her revenge at the prom. You see Carrie has telekinetic powers meaning she can make things move with her hands and mind. She is shown reading books about this stuff earlier in the film to harness these powers. She tosses people all over the place. She even force chokes the gym teacher like Darth Vader, but releases her to spare her life. Carrie’s revenge rampage is pretty sweet. You go through the whole movie hating the mean girls, and their deaths are all very pleasing. Carrie goes back home where her mom tries to kill her. Carrie kills her and feels bad about it that she brings the house down to kill herself. Sue showed up and Carrie tells Sue that Sue is pregnant. She safely sends Sue flying out of the house saving her life and her baby. The end of the film shows Sue going to Carrie’s grave and putting a flower on it. The grave then cracks as the ground shakes because horror films have to be silly like that.


Everyone played their part well. I liked the young girl who played Carrie. She did well as a shy girl and then as a vengeful murderer. Julianne Moore seemed tired, but that worked well with her performance. The mean bitch did a wonderful job of making me want to see her die. That’s a good villain right there. I liked the guy who played Tommy. Sue seemed a little more bland, but that’s fine.

Special Effects

A little over the top at times. More of that bad CGI blood! I hate that shit! The revenge scenes were done pretty well. I really don’t have too much to complain about here.

Final Thoughts

I thought it was good. I’m not sure how it compares to the original. I recognize a lot of similar visuals from that film. I hope it’s not too much like that 1998 Psycho remake where they did a shot for shot remake. I would recommend it for people who have seen the original and want to compare it. I also recommend it to people who haven’t seen the original that way they can get a fresh view of the film. They can go back and watch the original later. One thing I found funny about the film was that they kept calling Carrie by her first and last name. They must have said, “Carrie White” about fifty times during this film. Why can’t you call her Carrie? That’s the name of the film! Stick with that!


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