Halloween Havoc 2013 Day 15: Evil Dead II


We are about at the halfway mark of October. I guess fifteen and a half days would be halfway. I’m still feeling like crap, but I figured I would watch a disgusting, silly, and gory movie to make myself feel better. That brings me to Evil Dead II. The sequel to The Evil Dead, Sam Raimi brought us this sequel to change our perceptions on some things. Let’s get to the spoiler filled review.

The Plot

There isn’t much of a plot. The first seven minutes is basically a recap of the first film. A lot of the film is Bruce Campbell overacting, saying one liners, and getting his ass kicked. We are introduced to other characters as well. Once they come in, it becomes very similar to the first movie. It almost plays like a remake. So if you have seen this, the original, and 2013 film, then you have watched basically the same film three times. The main girl in this is the daughter of the people who live in the cabin from the first film. She has found lost pages of the Book of the Dead. Just check the Voorhees house for them. Now Jason Goes to Hell is a movie we can all love. Everyone dies except Ash (Bruce Campbell) and the girl (I forgot her movie name). Ash is possessed for a little bit, but he recovers. He loses a hand along the way, but he gains a chainsaw. Don’t forget that he has a shotgun too. In the end, Ash is sent back in time to 1300.

The Gore

It’s very over the top. It is not gross look away from the television gore. It’s so silly that it becomes comical. The gore is played for laughs, so you laugh too. So much blood is tossed on poor Bruce Campbell in this film. I’m sure Sam Raimi was laughing his ass off while doing it. Even the girl gets gallons of blood tossed on her.

The Acting

It’s pretty bad actually haha. It makes some of the B movies I have watched look Oscar worthy. Bruce Campbell as Ash probably gives the best performance. That’s because he is hamming it up. His performance in this one is pretty different from the first film. That film is more serious and so is Bruce’s acting. Though his acting is not great in either film. He’s fun though. You watch the movie specifically to see Bruce say, “Groovy” and shoot things.

Special Effects

The effects are pretty awesome. It’s the best thing about the film. I already mentioned the gore, but the makeup and stop-motion is all great. It is fun to see how many different models or zombie faces there are. It can get a little too comical at times. You feel like you are watching a cartoon. It’s really good stuff. Even Bruce Campbell gets to rock some Deadite makeup. He looks good in it.

Final Thoughts

I do not like this film as much as some people. There is a lot to like about Evil Dead II. The special effects, the cheesy acting, and Bruce Campbell. It is almost too silly though. The plot is pretty lackluster. It’s simple, and not really that interesting. I prefer the first film. I think that one is a lot better. This one is a comedic rehash of that film. I still recommend it for you people that love Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell. I also recommend it if you like cheesy special effects filled comedic horror movies.


3 thoughts on “Halloween Havoc 2013 Day 15: Evil Dead II

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