Halloween Havoc 2013 Day 14: The Collection


A couple days ago I reviewed The Collector. While I watched the film, I had no idea there was a sequel already made. The film ending implied there would be a sequel, but I was unsure if it existed. I browsed Netflix and found the sequel! I was excited. I liked the first film, so I was curious if the sequel would be any good. Most sequels do not live up to the expectations. I don’t think the expectations were super high for The Collection, but I still wanted to see what it would bring. For the third day in a row, I am not doing a running commentary. I will get back to it soon. Get ready for some spoilers.

The Plot

The film picks up where the first film left off. Our hero, Arkin, from the first film is still missing. The news says about fifty people are also missing. You would think this guy would have been caught sooner if he was able to kidnap this many people. Some sort of monster manhunt would be going on in this place. We are introduced to a short haired Natalie Portman lookalike. Her name is Elena. She’s going to the club with some friends. The Collector is at this club. He leaves his red box there which contains Arkin. Arkin is able to escape while the Collector literally uses some sort of machine to straight up murder almost everyone in the club. This has to be at least fifty people. He then crushes probably another ten plus right after that. Jason, Freddy, or Michael never killed this many people in one movie. He takes Elena as his one captive person like he usually does. Arkin is fixed up at the hospital, but the Collector sends him some flowers just to be a dick. Arkin’s wife is there, but we never find out if she got away from Uriel the loan shark from the first movie.

Arkin is hired by a guy to help find Elena. This guy named Lucello has been protecting Elena since she was young. He was hired by her father. Lucello’s team enters the Collector’s home base. They know where it is because when Arkin was captured, he made marks on his arm to determine where he was going. Smart guy that Arkin. Elena escaped her little red box while in captivity. So the Collector has to find all these poor bastards to kill. The place is booby trapped pretty damn good. One wrong step in this place and you can lose your head, arm, leg, and more. The run into crazy people, bugs, corpses, and a crazy girl along the way. The crazy girl named Abby seems to actually help the Collector. That bitch. She dies for this which I think makes the Collector mad. Arkin goes through a lot of shit while there. He breaks his arm again just to get out of a giant cage along with many other cuts and bruises. Lucello’s team is picked off one by one. We even think Lucello might be fucked for a while before he triumphantly returns. He dies right after that though protecting Elena and Arkin. Arkin uses this chance to fight the Collector. After all Arkin has been through, we want to see him kick the Collector’s ass. It’s awesome. He knocks him down into a pit of corpses and burns that motherfucker. Fire surrounds Arkin and he pretty much gives up thinking he is going to die. Elena isn’t having that shit. She breaks these weird glass things with body parts and water inside. The water puts out the fire and she escapes with Arkin. The police, ambulance, and firefighters were already there because earlier in the film, Arkin shot a guy standing outside which brought the police. He then shot at them which brought in the SWAT. Arkin is genius.

So Elena’s father is happy she is safe. Arkin checks all the boxes of dead bodies. He notices the mask of the Collector burning. I figured they’d end the movie right there on a cliffhanger. Nope, they are showing some guy at his house walking around. I’m thinking to expect a dumb twist ending. I’m surprised to find it’s the Collector walking and Arkin has found him. He holds a gun to his head. He tells that motherfucker he is going to torture him and then kill him. He stuffs the Collector into the box and that’s how the film ends. It’s awesome!


I liked the acting for the most part. Arkin was much better this time. Elena was good too. Lucello played his part nicely. Everyone else played their roles. The Collector was good at being an evil motherfucker.

The Collector

It’s so satisfying seeing him get the shit beaten out of him by Arkin. I never root for the Collector. Unlike with Freddy, Jason, and Michael where at times we find ourselves rooting for them, I never felt that way for Mr. Collector. I wanted him dead. I was dreading the twist ending thinking he would get away. I usually want Michael, Jason, and Freddy to come back after they die. They are badasses. This guy sucks because he has to rely on booby traps and guns. He’s like the lame remake version of Jason Voorhees.


It was way toned down in this one. I liked that actually. Some disgusting things still happened, but nothing that really made me cringe outside seeing Arkin getting his arm broken. The first film went way overboard on some of their gore. It did seem more realistic. This film the gore seemed more cartoony.

Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed this one. I think it’s better than the first movie. Some things made me question it. You have to wonder how many people the Collector had in that place. Where did he find all the time to put this place together? Did he pay for it all? What would his first victim be like compared to his most recent victims? Was Abby his first victim? She seems to have it the best there. Outside of thinking about that stuff, it’s a fun little romp. You don’t actually need to watch the first film to see this one. Arkin does return, but he really could have been anyone who escaped and had bad flashbacks of his time with the Collector. Watching the first film does make us enjoy it more when Arkin beats the shit out of that Batman wannabe. That brings up another question. Was the Collector trained by the League of Shadows? He fights pretty damn well. It must be an alternate universe Nolan Batman movie where Bruce Wayne just goes fucking crazy and murders people. I recommend The Collection. It’s a very fun film.


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