Halloween Havoc 2013 Day 13: Pumpkinhead


Still sick, but I am still carrying on my reviews. This time we are going over Pumpkinhead from 1988. It stars Lance Henriksen who played Abraham Lincoln once in a TV movie. I guess he was in movies like Aliens and The Terminator as well. I better get this review started. Hamburgers are on the grill! Spoilers ahead!


As a young boy, Ed Harley watched as Pumpkinhead terrorized some poor bastard. So many years later, he is widowed with his own little boy named Billy. He has his own store where some city folk show up to buy stuff. One of these guys is a complete asshole. He rides around his electric bike or whatever the hell they called those things. His brother joins him while Ed leaves to get something. Dumb Ed leaves his son at the store. I guess he figured the dog would protect him. The dumb dog chases the two guys on the bikes and it gets poor Billy run over. The six people (three guys and three girls) are shocked by this. One girl is in complete shock. Asshole guy does not want to go to jail so he gets the fuck out of there. Only his brother remains when Ed comes back. Ed is distraught by the death of his boy and he wants revenge. He basically makes a deal with the devil or in this case an old lady. She summons Pumpkinhead. Ed and Pumpkinhead share an E.T. type bond where whatever hurts Ed also hurts Pumpkinhead. Pumpkinhead picks off the six kids one by one. Ed starts to have regret, and he helps the remaining two kids and another boy. Ed shoots himself, but he doesn’t get the job done. He tells the main girl to finish him off and she does. The end of the film has the old lady burying Ed who now looks like a Pumpkinhead.


I liked Lance Henriksen. I felt his pain and sorrow when his boy died. The creepy old lady was pretty entertaining. I will say the asshole guy played his part well. Everyone else was decent. The main girl was probably the best from that crop.


Nothing memorable. I honestly don’t remember any music or anything like that. The opening credits might have had some. The opening credits was pretty basic. Names and fire. Woo.


The design of Pumpkinhead worked, but I wish he had an actual pumpkin on his head. He looked like a weird alien from that fourth Indiana Jones film. The monster itself has been described more as a demon who comes from a pumpkin patch.

Final Thoughts

I liked it. I think it drags at times, but the performance of Lance Henriksen carries it. The monster doesn’t have any great kills. It tends to grab people by the heads and kill them off screen. The more I think about the movie, the more boring I think it is. Crap. I still liked it. Watch it for Lance Henriksen! He’s good. He’s not great, but he pulls off what he needs to do. It’s on Netflix. Go watch.

Here’s a real Pumpkinhead



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