Halloween Havoc 2013 Day 12: The Collector


The good people who helped do some of the Saw movies came up with a little film called The Collector. This review will be different from my usual style today. I’ve already watched the film, so this is not a running commentary. I’m just going to go over the plot, characters, music, and other stuff that I thought about when watching this film. Spoilers!

The Plot

So this killer collects people, and we never really get a reason why he collects people. Our main character looks like Matthew McConaughey’s brother who is all coked out. His name is Arkin. He works for this family doing stuff, but his wife is in some trouble with loan sharks. He decides to rob the family he was working for, but he gets more than what he desired. The family has been taken hostage, but the Collector. He’s doing some sick torture to people. The family consists of a father, mother, older daugher, and a younger daughter. The father and mother get tortured pretty good by the Collector. He’s booby trapped the house, so the place is a death trap. Eat your heart out, Kevin McCallister.

The little girl is missing throughout the film, but she shows up near the end. The older daughter had been out when everything started. She brought her boyfriend to die with her haha. Arkin does his best to save everybody, but he hilariously fails at every corner. I’m pretty sure he is responsible for the death of everyone by accident. Arkin does stop the Collector at the end. Well, that is until those old twist endings where the Collector comes back and collects him. I hated the ending.


Everyone was pretty fine. Nobody was shit. Nobody was great. I’m always impressed with little girls who have to be around killers in these films. Uriel from the show Supernatural appeared as the loan shark. He spoke very softly, and he was hard to hear. The main character, Arkin, had his moments of good and bad. Sometimes he overacted a little.


I thought it was interesting that the beginning of the film listed the credits of all the music people and producers. The didn’t show the title or actors until the end of the film. It’s an interesting artistic direction to go, but I prefer to keep it simple. Put the actor names at the beginning.


The film played some weird music. The credits had this annoying music that I made fun of while watching. There was also this weird like cultish 70s music. I expect the Wyatt Family from WWE to come out to this music. So yeah, I didn’t care for the music.


This is where the film excels. It’s really fucking gory! It’s pretty disgusting sometimes with how much gore there is. Sometimes I liked it, and other times I thought it was too much. We lost some good animals in this film. A cat and a dog died. They got pretty gory deaths. The cat really fucking got it. Poor kitty! The dog was a mean dog, so I didn’t care that it died. All the deaths in the film had some insane gore factor. I’m not sure what I would call the best death. Possibly the electrocution or the older sister’s death. Fun Fact: The older sister was the youngest daughter on the TV show The Nanny.

The Killer

I kinda liked the look of the killer. He had a simple look. I liked when his eyes would glow green. The Collector sort of looked like Batman in Batman Begins before he had the real suit and he finds Commissioner Gordon. I know I said we didn’t get a reason why this exterminator guy was the killer, but we don’t always need a reason. The best killers don’t always have reasons.

Final Thoughts

It was okay. I thought the beginning was pretty boring, but it picked up later. Arkin was a decent lead character, even though his character was only there to rob the people. He proved that he cared by trying to save the day. I think I would slightly recommend it. My girlfriend says if you are into gore, then it is the film for you. I guess there is a sequel to this. I might have to look it up. I hear Arkin returns.


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