Pokedex Review #10: Caterpie


We are past all the cool starter Pokemon. Now we get into those first Pokemon you encounter in the grass and woods in the games. The dreaded bug Pokemon! Our first bug is Caterpie. I’m not really big on Caterpie. I always thought it was one of those lame Pokemon that you only caught when you wanted to complete your Pokedex. Caterpie evolves at level 7 into Metapod. We’ll get to Metapod later. No really great moves to make note of when it comes to Caterpie. You get basic crap like string shot and tackle. Not very exciting.

I don’t have many great game experiences with Caterpie. I’d catch one here and there. I already said mainly to complete my Pokedex or to get slaughtered by Brock since Caterpie is pretty useless.

Umm, here’s Caterpie and Pikachu talking


Nothing else to say. I’d give Caterpie a 2 out of 10.


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