Halloween Havoc 2013 Day 6: Invisible Invaders


I’d like to welcome those watching the Broncos vs. Cowboys to another day of Halloween Havoc. I always find it funny when the announcers say that when one game ends. It’s time for another running commentary today. I went with a short film only about an hour long. It’s called Invisible Invaders. This film is from 1959. Will it be total shit or will it bring some laughs? Readers beware, you’re in for a scare.

Such a cheesy title screen. I love it! John Agar is in this film. I’ve never heard of him. I have heard of John Carradine though. Good old Samuel Newman wrote this. No idea who he is either. Bob Kent produced and Edward Cahn is our director. I’m excited. Nuclear explosion already? Voiceover? It sadly is not Raymond Burr. The narrator warns us of nuclear disaster and says scientist John Carradine already blew himself up because of it. Nice knowing you, John! I will be referring to him as John Carradine throughout this review. I don’t like the name Dr. Karol Noymann.

Ooh, a shot of the Pentagon. The atmosphere is being polluted! Is this an environmental film? Radioactive particles blown into space! This officer isn’t having any of Dr. Penner’s shit. Penner is quitting because of all this. He goes to John Carradine’s funeral since they were both doctors. Invisible people at the funeral! Oh fuck! Get out of there, Dr. Penner. Nobody cares how well of a eugooglizer you are. Penner’s daughter is talking to Doctor John Lamont in a room. They seem to know each other.

Back at the cemetery, we heard sounds of something. We also see something is moving, but invisible. Why is it making those sounds? Probably the sounds David Carradine made before his death. Too soon? That joke was in poor taste. Well fuck, John Carradine is back at the door of Dr. Penner. Oh, he’s being possessed by an alien. The alien says the moon is not uninhabited. The aliens killed all the people who lived on the moon, and they have been running their operations there. Nobody has seen them since they are invisible haha. He’s using John Carradine to communicate with the Earthlings. The aliens are threatening to take Earth now since they are coming into the space age. Why not do it before that? He says the plan is to take over dead bodies and take over Earth. You’d think the invisible bodies would be more sufficient. Penner has been an advocate of peace which is why Carradine is telling him this. Carradine wants Earth to surrender. He shows Penner something from his invisible ship which he makes invisible. It’s like The Day the Earth Stood Still except the aliens are assholes.

Dr. Penner has told his daughter and Doctor Lamont. Lamont believes it to be in Dr. Penner’s head. The alien gave Earth 24 hours until destruction. Penner needs to warn everyone, but he is afraid nobody will believe him. Penner is able to convince Lamont to try to tell the government about the attacks. The newspapers call it ridiculous and even post newspapers with invisible images just to be dicks. Dr. Penner is none too pleased about this and he prays for the safety of the planet. Lamont is not happy with him since they are both laughingstocks now. Penner wants to try and contact the aliens again. He wants to check the cemetery. He better be careful or he might resurrect Jason Voorhees by accident.

Penner, his daugher Phyllis, and Lamont go to the cemetery. We hear those monster sounds again. Possibly the same footprints shot from earlier too. The invisible man is talking to Dr. Penner. The aliens sounds like he is saying Adam Tanner instead of Penner. This film could use Danny Tanner from Full House. Bob Saget would have owned in this movie. The alien says he can do nothing and all the bullshit that evil aliens usually spout out. Lamont and Phyllis believe Dr. Penner now. It’s up to Americans to decide what they will do now. The aliens will give warning

The first thing the aliens do is destroy a plane. The invisible invader then took the pilot’s body. Hockey? Am I watching The Mighty Ducks in black and white now? Lol, the invisible pilot strangled a commentator at the hockey game. The other guy hasn’t noticed yet. He’s getting strangled too. He sounded like the narrator, but I’m assuming the hockey play by play guy and the narrator are different people. The alien pilot issues a warning to those at the hockey game and the world. This causes panic and chaos! Oh, I guess the invader didn’t kill the play by play guy. Sucks to be the color commentary. He’s dead. The invader left the pilot’s body for some reason. 

The invisible invaders crashed a car and take the driver’s body next. This invader repeats what the last one did. The newspaper is taking this shit seriously now. The invaders are blowing all kinds of shit up now. Many bodies being taken too. “Worldwide reign of terror!” BAHAHAHA. Finland and Russia were blown up! The aliens hated them haha. So a lot of people are dying. Way more than Godzilla killed. Dr. Penner is going to find a way to fight this alien threat. Major Bruce Jay is introduced to take our doctors and Phyllis to an underground bunker. I’m surprised the aliens haven’t tried to kill Dr. Penner by now. He would have been my first target. They drive in their jeep to the bunker. Some guy with a gun stops them. Who the fuck is he?! He wants that jeep to get the fuck out of doge. Oh shit! Invisible invaders nearby! The invader distracted the man long enough for Major Jay to shoot him. Back to the jeep! We have the world to save! The body of that man belongs to an invisible alien now. I should mention the guy kinda looks like Harrison Ford by isn’t.

They made it to the bunker and are talking with some guy on a radio. Alarm sounds! I bet it’s an alien! High radioactivity outside the place. Yep, it has to be an alien. I’m glad they get television in that bunker. That’s a lot of invisible aliens on the televisions. They are pretty much zombies. Even the narrator says it is the walking dead. Dr. Lamont and Phyllis seem to be angry by everything, but even Dr. Penner agrees with the Major on his views. The aliens are still destroying things including government buildings and the high commands of all militaries in the world.

The Doctors are trying to figure out the weakness of the aliens. They have pinpointed that their only real strength is their invisibility. Penner is hoping this invasion will bring the nations together after the whole thing has ended. That way they can get rid of nuclear bombs. He needs the nukes at the moment though to stop those aliens. Major Jay and Phyllis exchange small talk. Jay wants to know if Phyllis and Dr. Lamont are seeing each other. Good question. I have no clue, nor do I care. Dr. Penner is coming up with theories on the alien technology. He needs to capture an invisible creature to catch his theory. It’s always something hard! Penner is coming up with this idea of an acrylic spray where you spray the invisible invaders, and they will be stuck in the bodies of the dead they are possessing.

Lamont and Penner finish their spray. Phyllis tells Major Jay that she is only friends with Lamont. I guess we know where that romance is going. I’m hoping it doesn’t end the same way it did for the doctor in Godzilla from yesterday where he sacrificed himself. Major Jay goes outside in a suit and he takes on an alien. He sprays him, but he fails. An invisible person strangles him and then gets back in the body from what I’m guessing. Luckily, the Major survived. He says the spray gun is too slow, but it works. Major Jay concocts a plan where he and Dr. Lamont go outside and get a lot of invaders to come to them. That way he can spring his plan of spraying a good lot of them. I think he just wants Dr. Lamont dead so he can be with Phyllis. Actually, the Major is being the brave one by being the bait. Dr. Lamont is going to stay in the truck they have.

Major Jay builds a hole and puts the spray in the hole. I guess the plan is to get the invisible aliens in this hole. He covers the hole so the invaders won’t see it. He finds the same invader he killed earlier and tries to bait him into the hole. It’s all his fault that poor guy got possessed. The dumb invisible guy falls right into the trap. I got a good chuckle of it. The body is rock hard now and they are dragging it with the truck. Sounds like something those Jackass guys would do. They get back to the bunker with the body. Apparently, the invisible aliens know where the bunker is now and are trying to get in. The place is built to withstand those fucking aliens though from getting inside!

Time to run some tests on that body they have. The body is coming alive! It broke out of the weird plaster thing that was on it. The invisible being is out of the body now, but trapped in their chamber. Lol, he’s going to have a seat. He’s threatening them on the mic in the room now. He knows how to cut a heel promo! The aliens all sound the same. I highly doubt it is the same invisible alien every time. The alien says the classics like you shall surrender and you will die.

Lamont and Penner need to come up with a plan to destroy these things. Time is running out according to the narrator. He’s right. The film has about fifteen minutes left. Lamont wants to release the alien leading to a fight with him and Major Jay. I don’t care who wins. I guess I should root for the Major? Jesus! Dr. Lamont is blowing up everything in the lab. He tossed something and caused major damage to all the equipment. For some reason the body in the chamber is convulsing. Did the alien go back in the body? Penner figures out that sound is the answer! Of course! It’s better than electricity.

Penner is going to put sound to the test. Sound rays! I hope his thing goes to eleven. It’s working. The alien is out of the body, and we can see it! Now they must sound gun the fuck out of the rest of the invisible invaders. I love those 1950s effects. The plan is working now and more invisible invaders are well visible. They are visible invaders, and they are turning into piles of salt or something. This seems like a very slow process to kill these aliens. Ohhhh. They found the ship. Put that sound gun to the test now! Destroy that ship! I’d suggest making a big gun too and firing it right at the moon. The sound gun proves to be effective and the aliens and their ship are destroyed! WOOOOO!!!!!

A meeting is had at the United Nations Building in New York which wasn’t destroyed for some reason. Our heroes are given rewards and we learn that everyone can work together for common cause! Happy ending!

Final Thoughts

Decent flick. I figured it would be an alien movie, but it actually played more like a zombie movie. That’s fine. The adding was fine. The effects were fun. Nothing too much to complain about. It can drag a bit, but it’s alright. I would recommend it especially for zombie lovers. It did need more John Carradine.


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