Pokedex Review #9: Blastoise


Well, I have held off this review for a few months. It’s been a long time coming. I mean Blastoise is well worth the wait. He’s a pretty sweet Pokemon. I mean he has cannons on his shells. That’s awesome! I have a soft spot for old Blastoise. The first Pokemon game I truly owned was Pokemon Blue, and he’s on the cover of it.. My grandma got it for me when I had my appendix taken out. I played the shit out of my brother’s Red Version, but now I had both games. I basically used the Blue Version to catch all the Pokemon on the Red game but I still love it.


Blue Version has been my game of choice for the last couple years. I managed to catch all 151 on my game. I love me some glitches. Fuck your link cable!

Back to Blastoise! My favorite Blastoise move is Hydro Pump. It’s similar to Fire Blast for Charizard. All kinds of cool. You can pretty much run right through Pokemon Red and Blue with Blastoise. He kicks ass. Too bad you have to wait until Wartortle gets to level 36 t get him. Speaking of which, what the hell is this about Mega Blastoise? Mega Evolves? Pokemon sure has changed since my day.

And here’s some Ash vs. Gary with Blastoise and Charizard


Blastoise is a perfect 10 out of 10!


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