Halloween Havoc 2013 Day 1: Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives


I remembered I had a WordPress account. I figured I would celebrate remembering by doing a month of Halloween reviews. This is my favorite month of the year. It’s also my birthday month so that helps. I love horror movies of all kinds so I figured I’d watch some. I tried this a few years ago and I had fun with it so I figured I would do it again. The title is a total ripoff of a WCW Pay Per View that I loved, but they aren’t using it anymore. Let’s light this candle!

I decided to watch Friday the 13th Part VI because I had watched the first four films too recently. Part V is a bit too goofy for me so I went with Part VI instead. Part VI is my favorite film in the series. It mixes a good element of atmosphere, horror, and comedy. I love it. I figured I would list my favorite parts as I’m watching the movie as I type this so it will be like a running commentary.

Love the opening sequence. It puts you in the right mood for Halloween. A lot of people think of Jason Voorhees when it comes to these movies, but Tommy Jarvis is another character I like in the series. He’s the main protagonist from Parts IV-VI, so we come to like the character even though we have three different actors in the role. The pre-credits scene is pretty fun. Tommy causes Jason to be resurrected in pure Frankenstein fashion with lightning. It’s awesome! Jason precedes to kill Horshack from Welcome Back, Kotter and this movie is off to the races.

The cops are total dicks in this film. They get what they deserve. Camp Crystal Lake also changed their name in this film to Forest Green. That name never comes up again in the rest of the series. I enjoy the performance of Thom Matthews in the Tommy role. He’s better than the guy from Part V who barely said anything.

Jason’s second victim is the douche from Ghost starring Patrick Swayze. Jason is a Swayze fan, so he had to die. I love the Mastercard gag when the director’s wife dies. The director explains on the commentary track that he kept the shot on the card so some guy in the theater would yell, “Never leave home without it.”

The supporting cast in the film isn’t too bad. They really don’t get too much screen time besides Megan who is our heroine of this film. Every Friday the 13th film has a good female protagonist who fights the monster. One supporting character I love is the drunk caretaker at the cemetery. He breaks the fourth wall by looking at the camera and saying people who would dig up Jason have a weird sense of entertainment. He’s funny.

Exposition by Megan to tell us who Jason is! I assume most people coming into Friday the 13th Part VI know this but you never know. The film also introduces children for the first time. It’s about time they utilize that damn camp! I wonder how big Camp Crystal Lake is. I mean the lake leads to Manhattan somehow, so it must be a pretty large area. Paintball game full of sexist assholes! Jason puts one into a smiley face tree! Jason puts a smile on my face! I like the nerdy paintball guy. Triple Decapitation!!!!!!! I wonder how long Jason was sitting in that tree waiting to jump down. We never see the nerdy paintball guy die on camera, but we do see what’s left of him later. Jason must have fucked that guy up.

Tommy tries to prove to the cops that Jason isn’t in his casket, but that does not go well. The gravekeeper guy covered the grave again so Tommy gets yelled at by the dick cops. I like the editing by the director where he will have a character ask a question and someone (usually kids) will answer it in the next shot. The cops kick Tommy out of Forest Green. They should have put him on the boat trip to Manhattan or made him go to the truck stop from the first film or even the diner from Part IX.

Jason kills three more people to up his body count including our favorite drunk cemetery worker. He got one last good joke in before he died saying his bottle of alcohol would be the death of him. He was right. I think Jason plans these deaths carefully when he finds out what his victims are like. A kid is reading a book called No Exit. Weird book for a kid to read but it works with the film. A little girl screams and I’m tired of little girls screaming after watching Forbidden Games in my International Cinema class.

We get our first and only sex scene of the film next! This is the only Friday the 13th film with no nudity. Go figure. The guy having sex in this scene is actually related to John Travolta which I know because of the commentary track. If you want a good commentary track, go watch the one from Jason Goes to Hell. It’s hilarious! I should mention that the Alice Cooper soundtrack for this film is awesome with “Man Behind the Mask” and “Teenage Frankenstein”.

Jason wrecks a camper killing Travolta’s cousin and his girlfriend. Megan argues with her jackass father who thinks Tommy is killing people now since cops are finding dead bodies. Oh, Tommy is reading about the Occult now. Well according to Part IX I guess Jason is from the Book of the Dead so maybe he is on the right track. I don’t know what Megan sees in Tommy, but I guess I will buy their awkward romance. I doubt it goes anywhere after the film is over.

Jason finally hits the camp. It’s time to murder some kids! C.J. Graham is a pretty good Jason. The director calls him a Terminator like Jason on the commentary and that works for this film. I love Kane Hodder in the role too, but he got put in all the shitty Friday the 13th films (Note: I love all the F13 films but some more than others). Our only African American in the film decided to never get ahead in life as Jason kills her. Tommy and Megan meet up finally. They have to escape the cops and find Jason! This Friday film probably has the best car chase scene. I wasn’t really asking for one, but that’s okay. It sadly does not involve Jason.

The dialogue in this film is great. I find myself laughing throughout most of the film. It would be funny if the little girl hacked up the last camp counselor with that bloody machete. I wonder why Jason dropped that thing. I guess he had better things to do. He had to shut off the lights and put bodies in hilarious places for people to stumble upon. Megan and Tommy prove to sheriff dick cop dad that there is no way he could have killed Travolta blood, but cop dad still throws him in jail.

Jason finally decides to kill the last camp counselor left. He breaks some windows and gets some blood on the wall along the way. Back at the jail, we get dick sidekick cop dealing with Tommy and Megan. Hmm, I wonder if this is the same police station from Jason Goes to Hell. It looked a lot bigger in that film, but the cops are just as dumb. Oooooohhhhhh. Tommy and Megan are kissing. They can’t do that!  They escaped jail and oddly enough the background when they get outside looks like the area in Back to the Future where Doc sends Marty back to the future. I’m guessing it’s not the same location, but it would be awesome if Marty was coming back from the future and watching out for Libyans in the same shot as Tommy talking about Jason. Tommy mentions that Jason must be put back in the lake where he drown in 1957. That’s two years after Doc sent Mart back to the future!

Jason decides not to kill the little girl. I guess Jason has a no kid killing policy. You would think those would be his main targets. According to Freddy vs. Jason, the other kids bullied him and caused him to drown. I guess I shouldn’t care about continuity though. Especially since that film came after this one. Jason is really good at throwing shit at people and killing them. Two cops dead. Can Jason make it a third? Cop dad sends the kids under their bed. That will make them perfect targets for Jason. Cop dad runs into Jason. I bet he feels like an idiot now. It’s just too bad his shotgun has no effect on Jason. Another quick note, but I love Harry Manfredini’s scores in all these films.

Tommy and Megan are back at camp now. Cop dad is still on the run from Jason. Tommy starts his plan of putting Jason into the water with his big rock. A big rock always gets the job done. I wonder when Jason had the time to put the black girl’s head in the cop car. He’s funny like that. I love these kids joking about their chances of survival. More of that fun dialogue. Cop dad does care about his daughter since he attacks Jason when he starts to go after her. It ends up with him getting bent over backwards, but it makes up for his earlier sins.

Oh shit, Jason busted into the cabin with the kids! It’s slaughtering time! Sadly that doesn’t happen. Jason grabs Megan’s head, but he gets called away by Tommy before he can crush it. No idea why he didn’t finish the job, but I guess Tommy got lucky with that. Jason gets into the water where Tommy has his boat and giant rock. Jason is almost like Jaws in this scene. We know he’s in the water, but where will he pop out. Tommy sets up a ring of fire. I have no idea why he did that. Maybe his Occult books told him to do that. Jason finally jumps out at Tommy. They fight a little, but Tommy gets his giant rock on a chain around Jason’s neck. Jason pulls Tommy down with him though. Tommy looks pretty dead because Jason strangles him underwater. Megan jumps in the water for the save, but Jason grabs her too. She uses the old boat blade into Jason’s face trick. It works like a charm. I wonder why Jason can’t break that chain he’s attached to. It must be that occult stuff again. Megan’s CPR work brings Tommy back to life someone. You’d think he would have been dead by now, but I like Tommy so it’s cool that he survives. Jason lives too. We see him still alive at the bottom of the lake at the end. He’s waiting for a stupid psychic girl to bring him back for a sequel. Credits roll and Alice Cooper is singing again. Love it!

Final Thoughts: I already said it’s my favorite Friday the 13th film and that stands. Jason Lives has pretty much everything I want in these films. It has good kills, characters I like, funny jokes, awesome soundtrack, Jason being a badass, and it overall doesn’t insult my intelligence. This certainly will not be my last time watching this film. It usually gets one watch a year. Hell, I have probably watched this film with director’s commentary at least five times. Thank you, Tom McLoughlin! I love this movie a lot.


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