Pokedex Review #6: Charizard


I’m back finally with the most badass of all Pokemon. The Pokemon who will always be my favorite. The one and only Charizard. As a Charmander guy, that moment when you finally reach Charmeleon evolving into Charizard is one of the highlights of being a Pokemon trainer. You know have one of the biggest badasses in Pokemon history on your side. Serious ass will be kicked when you have a Charizard. I don’t know how many Pokemon I have burned over the years with Flamethrower or Fire Blast. The Elite Four has bitten the dust on many occasions bowing down to me as their Pokemon Master after my Charizard has destroyed them. 

It’s no mystery why Charizard is one of the most popular Pokemon in existence. Everything about him is cool. 


Remember that card. It was one of the most sought after cards when I was younger. It was all because of that 120 HP and the 100 Fire Spin. He was awesome. I never owned that card, but the thought of having it made made the legend of Charizard grow inside my mind. 



It helped to have Pokemon Red. My brother owned the game, but I got the most play out of it. My Charizard destroyed everyone. My love of Pokemon dates back to that Red Version. I managed to catch all 151 Pokemon on there with use of Pokemon Blue, Stadium, Gold, Silver, and Crystal along with trades. Nowadays, I know how to catch all 151 using the glitches in the original games. It’s tough when you are younger. 

The best part of Charizard may have been the anime. He was an antihero, and he didn’t really like Ash. I don’t really like Ash. Charizard and I had that in common. He would always come in and kick some ass and then be lazy. That’s my kind of Pokemon. I guess he still appears on the anime sometimes to bail Ash out of trouble. 


Charizard will always be my favorite Pokemon. A perfect 10 out of 10. I might even go to 11 for him. 



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