Cancel the NFL Pro Bowl


Since 1951, the NFL has had the Pro Bowl at the end of the season. In recent years it has been the week before the Super Bowl. It’s the game where the best players in the NFL are divided into two teams to see who is the best of the best. The problem is that we don’t ever see that anymore.

The Best Never Give Their Best

The players are there for their Hawaiian vacation and because they were selected to be there. They have no reason to give it their all. It’s basically watching people phone it in the whole time. I’ve never been able to sit through one of these games because they are horrible to watch. The last few years have been worse with the Super Bowl the week after. That means the people on the two teams playing in the Super Bowl won’t even show up for the Pro Bowl. We’re already being robbed of seeing the best of the best. It’s a bunch of crap.

The Game Doesn’t Mean Anything

There are no stakes to this game. The only reason to watch is to cheer on your favorite players. I guess that can be fun. If your team is in the Super Bowl, you have no reason to watch the game. Hell, I wish my team’s players were playing in the Super Bowl instead of the Pro Bowl. I watch the Super Bowl. It’s a real competitive game. The Pro Bowl is a nice relaxing time on the beach.

The Rules aren’t Football

The game of football is basically neutered when you watch the Pro Bowl. Nobody wants their players to get hurt. They might as well be playing flag football. You aren’t even allowed to blitz. What’s the fun in watching that! The offense basically gets to have its way in this game. Most Pro Bowls have scores in the 50s. I watch Arena Football for those scores not the NFL. (Quick plug: Arena Football Playoffs start this week)

The 2014 Game is Going the Draft Route

Announced today was another change to the Pro Bowl. The teams will now be drafted by the two players who receive the highest amount of votes. Gone are the AFC and NFC affiliations. Now we have the high school solution of picking the kids you like to play with you. I guess the NFL is also letting some veterans in Deion Sanders and Jerry Rice help pick the teams along with two Fantasy Football winners. That’s just dumb. Let the fans vote on who they want on the teams. Better yet, cancel the game.

Seriously! Cancel the NFL Pro Bowl!

This new publicity stunt isn’t going to get people to watch. We don’t care about it. The real game is the week after. That’s the one we want to watch. They even changed the rules to get rid of kickoffs. Kickoffs are one of the best parts of football! You can’t get rid of that. I’m with Josh Cribbs who thinks the game has now become “tainted” without the kick return. Just cancel the game and give people a nice little plaque saying they were selected to the Pro Bowl even though it’s not played anymore. The Hall of Fame Game is more football than the Pro Bowl. That’s pretty embarrassing. Only play the Pro Bowl if you are going to play it like a real game.


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