Pokedex Review #5: Charmeleon


Aww Yeah! Now we’re talking. At level 16, that cute Charmander turns into a kickass Charmeleon. Just look at his face. He’s ready to smash some cute Pokemon into the ground. When you get a Charmeleon, that’s when the cool fire moves start to come. Well, they come in the later generations. He gets pretty normal moves like slash in Red and Blue, but that is an effective move too.

In Red and Blue, you are pretty set once you get Charmeleon. You shouldn’t have to worry about any puny gym leader or Team Rocket scum beating you. Charmeleon will slash the crap out of them.

I should mention how much I like the name Charmeleon. It sounds so cool. You have your own Fire Chameleon! It’s a shame that Charmeleon doesn’t seem to have any chameleon like qualities. If he does, then someone should tell me!

Ash’s Charmeleon in the anime was a dick just like all his forms would be. That’s why he was always my favorite of Ash’s Pokemon in the anime. He didn’t like him. I don’t blame him. Ash is an idiot. Here’s a video of Charmander evolving into Charmeleon! Well, the Latino version! Burn Ash’s head off, Charmeleon!

Charmeleon gets a 9 out of 10 from Nodnarb


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