Pokedex Review #4: Charmander


I’m going out of order with my Pokemon reviews at the moment. I’ll get to Blastoise another day. Today we go over Charmander. While the ladies loved Squirtle, Charmander was my go to Pokemon to impress the girls. I flashed that picture of him from the Pokemon Handbook and the girls would love him! Then I would flip the page to like Muk or something and they would be all like “ew”.

Charmander was my preferred started for Pokemon Red and Blue. It wasn’t easy using Charmander first. Those first two gyms are a pain in the ass with Charmander. Misty’s Starmie still gives me nightmares. It’s worth it in the end though to go with Charmander because he becomes a badass.

I always remember Charmander just having scratch at the beginning of the game. When you finally get a fire move like ember, that’s when shit picks up. I’d usually give him cut or something too when I was young.

I remember when his flame went out on the anime. Poor little guy. Here’s a treat I found on youtube! The full episode of meeting Charmander!


I’d give Charmander an 8 out of 10


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