Great Georges in History

With the birth of Prince George Alexander Louis to Prince William and Kate Middleton, I figured it was time to look at some famous people named George. I’m going to limit this to ten people named George. I’m going to go with the first ten that come to my mind. Let’s get this going with…

George Washington


The First President of the United States! Washington is probably the most famous George in American history. The legend of Washington has grown since that time. People actually started to sour on him during his second term, but history still shows he’s a very influential figure. His work during the Revolution is what people still look back at when they think of George Washington.

George Herman Ruth


Most people tend to forget that this man is a George. Instead they know him as the Babe. Babe Ruth is one of the most popular players in sports history. He’s reached a mythical status when you think of baseball. All you have to do is watch The Sandlot to figure that out. The Bambino was a pretty big alcoholic during his time, but he was a great slugger when it came to baseball. He also could pitch pretty well too during his early years. If you are a fan of baseball, and you don’t know the Babe then you don’t know baseball.

George Feeny


So I included a fictional character on this list, he was the third George that came to mind. George Feeny is a character from the 90s show Boy Meets World portrayed by William Daniels. Mr. Feeny would teach and mentor the central characters on the show. Almost every episode he would teach them a great lesson. I’ve always wanted a teacher like Mr. Feeny. He could teach 6th grade, high school, college, and he could even be a principal. This George appreciated history and history will show him as a great fictional George.

Gorgeous George


Born George Wagner, this George became the first star of professional wrestling. While other wrestlers like Lou Thesz were recognized for their great technical wrestling skills, Gorgeous George was known for his flamboyance. He became the first real character in professional wrestling. Wrestlers to this day have to thank George. People like Ric Flair or Hulk Hogan learned to be charismatic from George. Muhammad Ali even said that Gorgeous George influenced him and his attitude. People loved to hate George and for that he became a great George.

Boy George


Another flamboyant George to add the list. Boy George is known for the band Culture Club. The band came around during the 80s when flamboyance was at its height. George dressed in silly costumes, and weird makeup which added to the act. I can’t think of much else to say about him. He was arrested for assault and false imprisonment. That’s about all I got on him.

George Harrison


We go from Culture Club to the Beatles. I’d say those are two very different British bands. George Harrison played the lead guitar for the Beatles. He helped make up the four man group that would change music forever. His guitar work would provide a big influence on the guitar players at the time. He himself was influenced by the works of guys like Chuck Berry. George did some work on his own, but he will forever be a Beatle in our hearts.

George Lopez


Here’s a pretty funny guy! George Lopez is known for his own show he used to have named after him. It can still be seen on Nick at Nite. Lopez also has a pretty good standup career which is where he got his comedy career going. I remember he had a late night talk show too, but that didn’t last very long. He doesn’t like Carlos Mencia because he stole some of his jokes or something. I wouldn’t like him for that either.

George Clooney


You may know him as America’s most well known bachelor, but I know him as the Batman with the nipple suit. Clooney has dated many women over the years with Stacy Kiebler being the most recent one I can recall. No woman can tame Clooney though. Clooney spent a few years on E.R. before moving to the big screen. These days he makes big money from movies. He’s been picking up awards from all kinds of places for his work an actor, director, and screenwriter. Clooney is getting it done, but he will never live down being in Batman and Robin.

Curious George


My favorite fictional monkey is the next George on this list. I loved Curious George as a kid. I would read the books all the time. These days the kids get a nifty PBS show. He’d always be getting into trouble. George never stopped monkeying around, and why should he! He’s a monkey! All monkeys should eat bananas and cause trouble.

George Lucas


Oh George! He’s known as the man who created Star Wars. He also ruined Star Wars, but we’ll cut him a break for creating it. Lucas has caught some flack in recent years especially from me, but he is a famous George. He’s been criticized for changing the original Star Wars series, and for directing shitty prequel movies, but he still has his place as a George. We can’t rewrite history and give him another name. He’ll gladly rewrite his own Star Wars history though. I’ll stop complaining about George Lucas now. I thank him for Star Wars.

There you go! Those were the first 10 Georges on my mind. Who is your favorite George? I just remembered a few I forgot.

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