WOO! Royal Baby!


So Prince William and Catherine, Dutchess of Cambridge finally had their baby. It’s not the one pictured above. That’s just a baby with a crown from Google images. My thoughts on the subject. I’m just glad Prince William was able to get her to have sex with him. I figured he would have had trouble with that. His hairline is receding after all. I guess they had a boy. He becomes another poor bastard waiting for the Queen to die. I hope that never happens. I will never accept Prince Charles as my king! Oh wait, I’m American. I have no kings or queens. Too bad.

I wonder what all they will do with this baby. I wish I was born into royalty. I wouldn’t have to work a day in my life. Lucky little bastard. This kid will make more money on his first birthday than I have my whole life. I watched a video on people in Senegal today. They work hard just to get some salt out of their Pink Lake. Let’s see how this royal baby does in those conditions. He’d fail just like me.

I’m hoping the baby turns out gay. We need more gay royalty. I wonder if they’d kick him out for that. Why am I writing about this? I’m bored. That’s it. I’m also starving. That baby probably getting a great meal tonight. I’m getting shit! Damn middle class family i live in! That’s the breaks of life. Some men are born into power. Other men have to achieve power or else they are digging salt out of the lake.


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