Bob Barr Won’t Stop Emailing Me


Bob Barr ran for President in 2008 on the Libertarian ticket. I signed up for his email because I thought 3rd party candidates always got a raw deal when I was younger. Bob was my 3rd party guy that year! I had no clue what his views on anything were. I didn’t give a damn. I really wasn’t into politics at the time. 2008 was the first time I was able to vote since I made the cutoff by a month. I didn’t vote though. I didn’t care. I figured Obama would win and he did just that.

My point here though is that Bob Barr hasn’t stopped emailing me. It’s been 5 years! Give it up! I don’t care! I know I can unsubscribe from his emails, but he should just learn to stop sending me messages. I had the same problem with Obama and his people during the 2012 election. They kept emailing me. Stop it! I’m not giving you any money. You politicians make enough money off of us. We aren’t giving you more. Assholes. Take all the money spent on your dumb campaigns and we could solve some of the world’s problems.

So stop emailing me, Bob Barr!


The Great Nodnarb


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