Pokedex Review #7: Squirtle


It’s time to get going again with the next Kanto starter: Squirtle! I was a Ninja Turtles kid growing up. That means I enjoy me some turtles. You don’t get much better than Squirtle. It’s a good old fashioned water Pokemon. Squirtle is good to have in Pokemon Red and Blue because of the type advantage at the first gym and he’s equal with Misty’s Pokemon at the second gym. I always liked his moveset with fun moves like Water Gun and Bubblebeam.

I remember in elementary school that Squirtle was quite popular with the ladies. They believed it to be cute. It is a cute Pokemon. I will admit that.

Recently when I played Pokemon Blue I started with Squirtle. I went with the only use him approach which made him pretty much overpower all the opponents in the game. I think that save game became corrupted so I started a new one. I caught all 151 on the new save (yay for Mew glitch).

Squirtle was one of my favorite Pokemon from the anime. That’s became there was a whole squad of them! The Squirtle Squad kicked all kinds of ass!

Squirtle gets a 8 out of 10 from me.


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