Happy Birthday to my Amazing Girlfriend!

My girlfriend has a birthday today! She is 22 years old. Elle a vingt deux ans. That’s French. Her name is Tanya! She’s the greatest person I know. I accidentally wrote about Pop-Tarts before I wrote about her. It’s her birthday! She should always come before my love of Pop-Tarts because I love her more than Pop-Tarts.

I’ve been with my girlfriend for over a year and a half now. It’s been very rocky at times, but that’s no problem. We persevere through the hardest of hardships. I need to get her something for her birthday. I’m such an awful boyfriend haha. Technically, we celebrated it last month with her sister’s birthday and I got her something then. That’s not good enough though! More must be done for this beautiful lady. I’m watching her sleep right now. That sounds creepy. I feel like Superman in Superman Returns. She’s on Skype with me. She likes to sleep while I’m still awake browsing the Internet. I love her though, so I could watch her sleep all night. The light from the laptop bothers me when I try to sleep, but that’s only a small problem.

I’m just rambling at this point. I do really love Tanya. She’s awake again. I guess she can’t sleep. It must be the birthday excitement haha. She’s really pretty. I notice that when I look into her eyes sometimes. I have a lot in common with her. We are both weird. We have roughly the same religious and political views. She thinks John Glover from Smallville has wonderful hair. I really enjoy spending time with her. We went to NYC in January. She was crabby a lot of the time, but that never stopped me from loving her. She accepts me for who I am. I tell her all of my little secrets, and I can trust her. I do the same for her. She should be more open sometimes!

I’m changing paragraphs now. She bought me this really nice Batman robe for my birthday. I should wear it to bed tonight in her honor! I like the moments where Tanya and I laugh at the silliest of things or talk about really important issues. It’s also fun when we just act like babies. I enjoy all moments with Tanya even the moments where I get annoyed. She gets annoyed with me too. That’s relationship 101. Nothing is ever perfect. Just relax and have fun with the person you love. If problems arise, you deal with them and it will all work itself out. I should wrap this up.

I love you, Tanya! You are the best girlfriend a weirdo like me could ever ask for, so I thank you! Time to put on my Batman robe.

I love Tanya


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