Thoughts on Cory Monteith


A few days ago, Cory Monteith died at the age of 31. He was known for his role as Finn Hudson on the Fox show Glee. I’ll be honest here. I don’t know much about that show. I’ve seen a few episodes, and I honestly can’t stand it. The show has its audience though and I can accept that. This post has nothing to do about the show. It has to do with young actors dying.

It’s always sad to see young talents go too young. Different problems and circumstances cause  these deaths to happen. More recently is seems to be a mix of drugs and/or alcohol. In 2008, we lost a great talent in Heath Ledger due to a bad mixing of prescription medications. It was a tragic loss since it was an accident that could happen to anyone. Cory Monteith’s death falls in that same vein. Alcohol and heroin were his vice that took his life. He went to rehab for his drug problems recently, and he had been battling the problem since his teens.

It’s not easy to kick an addiction. A lot of people are alcoholics or they smoke too much. Some people have success stories, but others like Cory Monteith fall victim to succumbing to their disease. It’s sad to see young lives taken by things like heroin. We usually relate heroin to the 80s Heavy Metal scene with those guys shooting up all the time. One of the most famous stories is Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue being pronounced dead after an overdose only to be brought back to life. He then went back home and shot up some more. I’ve seen Nikki Sixx play in the last year. The man can still play.

The moral of this post is that if you are having a drug or alcohol problem. Get help. There is nothing wrong with going to rehab. It’s not going to be something that can be solved overnight. I’ve been biting my nails for 22 years. I know it can be tough to quit. Your life is on the line though. Life is worth living.

Cory Monteith was a promising young actor. He had a bright future ahead of him, and a girl who loved him. You never want to give that up for drugs or alcohol. There is more to life than that. All you have to do is believe in yourself.

RIP Cory Monteith.


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