Pokedex Review #3: Venusaur


It started as a little Bulbasaur, but now it has made its way to the top as Venusaur. Ivysaur becomes Venusaur at level 32. Of all the grass and poison types, Venusaur is near the top of the list of my favorites. Venusaur looks to me like a run down Pokemon who is tired of bullshit and is ready to kick some ass. I mentioned yesterday that I thought Ivysaur looked a bit lame with the stupid thing on his back. Venusaur does not have that problem with me. I think it works here. One of the most satisfying things about having a Venusaur is using the Solar Beam attack. You charge that special move up, and blast your opponent’s Pokemon straight to the Pokemon Center after that move. It’s awesome.

I look at Venusaur as one of the original three stars of the series. In America, he got the shaft by not being on the cover of his own game. Blastoise and Charizard got the covers of Red and Blue. I actually never minded that as a kid because I preferred the other two Pokemon but I did feel a little remorse for Venusaur. It was a little later in life I found out that in Japan there was a Pokemon Green. Venusaur got the cover of that!


America would eventually make it up to Venusaur by giving the Pokemon the cover of Pokemon LeafGreen.


Venusaur is a good Pokemon. I have Pokemon I like way more, but Venusaur will always have a place on my team.

And here’s a silly video where it sounds like Venusaur is saying, “Penis sore”

I give Venusaur an 8 out of 10


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