A Day in my WWE Universe

I’ve been playing a lot of WWE ’13 lately. I guess I’ve been bored. I spend the most time in the Universe Mode where you can control whatever you want. I used to use the WWE Superstars, but they bore me. I decided to download a bunch of fictional characters instead. I figured I’d let the good people of WordPress see what’s going on in my universe. I’m currently in the 7th year (I know I have no life), and I have come to the pay per view known as Summerslam. My universe features 6 championships: Super World, Universal, Ultraviolent, Fighting, Super Tag, and Pure Tag. Let’s get to the first match.

Ultraviolent Championship Match: Captain Jean-Luc Picard (c) vs. The Flash



The Ultraviolent Championship is the midcard championship for Smackdown that Captain Picard currently holds. He won the championship at the last pay per view, Money in the Bank, to earn his first singles championship. He previously held the Pure Tag Championship twice with Han Solo.

The Flash hasn’t had too much success in my Universe. He briefly held the Fighting Championship for 4 weeks before losing the title to Magneto. It’s been awhile since he’s had a title shot, so he hopes to take advantage of it.


Yay shoddy camerawork by me!

The Match

It was actually pretty good. Lots of good back and forth. I think Flash hiptossed Picard a half dozen times. Picard is a tough old man though. Flash’s speed could not help him match the wit of the Captain.


The Result

Jean-Luc, the master of the piledriver, drove Flash’s neck into the ground to pick up the victory. The winner and still champion, Captain Jean-Luc Picard. Image

Fighting Championship Match: Iron Man (c) vs. Green Lantern



Iron Man won the title a couple pay per views back in a triple threat match involving Green Lantern and then champion Hulk. He successfully defended the championship against Green Lantern at the last pay per view. Iron Man has to beat Green Lantern for a third straight pay per view to retain his championship.

Green Lantern has been in a pay per view slump of late. He’s had a Fighting Championship title shot at 8 of the last 10 pay per views and he has lost every time. He is a former champion losing the title to the Joker late in year 6. He’s hoping this time the title will finally come back home to him.


The Match

It was very similar to the first match. Lots of reversals and near falls. Both men wanted to win the title badly. Iron Man tried to utilize a lot of submission maneuvers, but he could not get Green Lantern to tap out.  Green Lantern continued to fight, but would it be enough to win the title.


The Result

Iron Man hit a devastating back breaker to retain his championship. Green Lantern fought hard, but he was denied the championship for the fourth straight pay per view.


Pure Tag Championship Match: Wolverine and Loki (c) vs. Scorpion and Superman



Wolverine and Loki won the Pure Tag Titles back at Extreme Rules defeating the team of Lex Luthor and Green Ranger. This team came together after the team of Wolverine and Magneto broke up. Wolverine has been a bad guy for a long time in this universe ending the X Men relatively early in his run. This is his 2nd reign as Pure Tag Champion with his first being with Magneto. Loki is in his first reign. Loki’s success has been very small in this universe, but he is starting to turn it around.

Scorpion and Superman came together after the breakup of Superman and Batman. The World’s Finest held the Pure Tag Championship at one time, but they broke up after they lost the titles. Scorpion decided to team up with Superman to form a new World’s Finest. Both men have been very successful in this universe. Superman has won 5 total World Championships while Scorpion has won 3.


The Match and Result

It wasn’t a very good one. I’d even call it a squash match. Wolverine and Loki dominated Scorpion and Superman. Wolverine hit a F5 to win the match and Dark X as they are called retained their tag titles.


Steel Cage Match: Batman vs. Robin



Not really much background to this one. I just figured it would be fun to have Batman and Robin fighting each other. Robin hasn’t been successful in Universe Mode. He held the Ultraviolent Championship for a short amount of time, but that’s all the gold he has tasted. Batman has been very successful. He’s been a 4 time World Champion across both brands. He also has the longest combined reign for the Super World Championship.

photo_2013717 (65)photo_2013717 (70)

The Match

It was probably the best match of the night. Lots of battling back and forth in the cage. Robin got thrown into the cage at one point. Various points in the match had one man climbing the cage and the other man chasing him. It led to a lot of close calls by both Batman and Robin.

photo_2013717 (78)

The Result

Robin hit a DDT on Batman and almost got out, but Batman pulled him down at the last second. Batman used this opportunity to climb the cage and win the match. Batman hope to use the momentum from winning this match to climb back up the championship ranks.

photo_2013717 (87)

Super Tag Championship Match: Kirk and Spock (c) vs. Hulk and Thor

photo_2013717 (69)


Kirk and Spock are the most dominant team in my Universe Mode. Together they are 6 time Super Tag Champions. Spock is actually a 9 time champion with 3 reigns coming with Green Goblin. I guess Kirk and Spock were able to turn him into a good guy. Kirk probably used some big monologue to turn him. Captain Kirk was actually the Super World Champion a couple months ago. He held the title well over a year before losing the title to Deadpool. That’s also the reason why Spock was teaming with Green Goblin. Kirk and Spock started their 6th reign as champs one pay per view ago.

Hulk and Thor have had some tag team success in their time. As a team, they are 2 time Super Tag Champions. Hulk had another reign with Iron Man making him a 3 time champ. They are very familiar with Kirk and Spock. The two teams have traded the tag titles before. Will this be the time it happens again?

photo_2013717 (84)photo_2013717 (86)photo_2013717 (93)

The Match

It wasn’t as big of a squash as the first tag  match, but Kirk and Spock dominated this one. Hulk and Thor had their moments, but they were very few.

photo_2013717 (95)

The Result

It wasn’t the first time Kirk stopped a big green monster. Kirk didn’t get the win with that submission hold, but he was able to hit a Rock Bottom to get the victory for Starfleet.

photo_2013717 (97)

Universal Championship Scramble Match: Spider-Man (c) vs. Captain Planet vs. Doomsday vs. Nightwing vs. Luke Skywalker

photo_2013717 (103)


Spider-Man is currently in his 2nd reign as Universal Champion. He won the title from Captain Planet at Extreme Rules. He’s had a few successful defenses in a row against Nightwing going into this Scramble Match.

Nightwing hasn’t been too successful in Universe Mode. Like Robin he’s only been Ultraviolent Champion. I guess it’s not good to be Dick Grayson or Tim Drake. He’s had his big title shots, but he always comes up short.

Doomsday is a former 2 time Super World Champion, but his success has been minimal since winning those titles.

Captain Planet won the Royal Rumble and won the Universal Championship from Spawn at Wrestlemania. His first reign was short lived as he lost it a month later to Spider-Man.

Luke Skywalker is the most successful person coming into the match. He’s a former 5 time Super World Champion and a 3 time Money in the Bank winner. He’s still holding the briefcase at this moment.

photo_2013717 (107)photo_2013717 (111)

The Match

First off, the game had Luke Skywalker come out with the title for some reason. Minor complaint, but it happened. Doomsday and Luke started the match. Doomsday used a sledgehammer and a chair to pin Luke for the first fall in the Scramble Match.

photo_2013717 (115)

Nightwing came out third. He pinned Doomsday to become the temporary champion. Doomsday quickly won the honor right back with a pinfall on Luke Skywalker again.

photo_2013717 (117)

Captain Planet came out 4th and current champion Spider-Man came out last.

The Result

Nobody was able to defeated Doomsday. No pins happened after Doomsday pinned Skywalker. He held out and won the Universal Championship for the first time. This was also the first title change of the show.

photo_2013717 (123)photo_2013717 (124)photo_2013717 (125)

Super World Championship Match: Deadpool (c) vs. Han Solo

photo_2013717 (132)


Deadpool ended Captain Kirk’s year plus reign to become Super World Champion for the first time. He had mild success in Universe Mode up until that point. He hopes to continue having success against Captain Solo like he did at the last two pay per views against Rocky Balboa.

Han Solo has floundered in the midcard for much of his career. He’s been a 2 time Pure Tag Champion with Captain Picard as well as an Ultraviolent Champion. He had some title shots against Captain Kirk, but he fell short. Will this be his moment or will Deadpool’s reign continue?

photo_2013717 (134)photo_2013717 (142)photo_2013717 (150)

The Match

Much like the other one on one matches on the show, this one was a tightly contested battle. Deadpool used a lot of good strategy to keep Han Solo away. Captain Solo moonsaulted onto the announce table with Deadpool on it to weaken him. Deadpool survived a lot of big moves from Solo, but would he have enough to get the win?

photo_2013717 (153)

The Result

A NEWWWWWW SUPPPPERRRRRRRRRRR WORLDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD CHAMPIONNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!! Han Solo finished Deadpool off with his finishing move to win his first ever Super World Championship. He also became the 5th Triple Crown Winner with his victory joining Kirk, Spock, Green Ranger, and Lex Luthor.

photo_2013717 (154)photo_2013717 (160)

That ends Summerslam. There were two new World Champions in Doomsday in Han Solo, both tag champions retained, and so did midcard champions. It was fun for me to share what I wasted my life on at times. Sometimes it is really enjoyable to live in your own fantasy universe.


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