Pokedex Review #2: Ivysaur


Evolving from Bulbasaur at level 16, it’s Ivysaur! I’m going to be honest here. While Ivysaur kinda looks like a badass, I always thought it was lame. I blame the goofy thing growing on its back. It doesn’t bother me on Bulbasaur or Venusaur, but with Ivysaur it comes off as silly.

Ivysaur has all the same advantages as Bulbasaur, but it is stronger of course. It’s good to have in Pokemon Red and Blue at the first few gyms. Hooray for type advantages!

Here’s Professor Oak talking about Ivysaur in another language!

Not much else to say about Ivysaur. I’m not too partial to the design, but it’s a useful Pokemon to have.

I give Ivysaur a 5/10. Get that stupid crap off your back!


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