Pokedex Review #1: Bulbasaur

I figured now was a good time to start reviewing all the Pokemon. A lot of things go into reviewing a Pokemon. Some people like their Pokemon to be strong, fierce competitors. Other people like their Pokemon to be cute. I’m a man who can enjoy all those things. I’ll tell you if a Pokemon looks stupid or if it looks cool. Let’s get this started with Bulbasaur!


Bulbasaur is the very first Pokemon in the Pokedex. The National Pokedex that is. That’s the Pokedex that matters to me; So Bulbasaur is a fun looking Pokemon. It is one of your three choices to pick from in Pokemon Red, Blue, FireRed, and LeafGreen. Personally, I like the Bulbasaur design. He’s cute, but he has a hint of badass in him. He has his benefits being a grass and poison type. I always enjoy poisoning and paralyzing my opponents. Bulbasaur evolves into Ivysaur and then Venusaur which I will get to in the next few days.

Ash had a Bulbasaur on the anime. I hate that Ash gives away most of his Pokemon. A good trainer like me has them slave away in Bill’s PC forever. I found a clip of Ash using his Bulbasaur.

I like how Bulbasaur talks in the anime. He’s fun. I’m going to be honest though. When it comes to Pokemon Red and Blue. Bulbasaur was always my last choice. As great as his design is, he pales in comparison to the other Kanto starters.

Overall, I give Bulbasaur a 6/10

A decent Pokemon, but there are much better out there.


3 thoughts on “Pokedex Review #1: Bulbasaur

  1. Bulbasaur was usually my last choice too, unless I was just trying to rush through the game for whatever reason. He had a type advantage over the first four gyms after all.

    • I never liked doing things the easy way. Taking Charmander meant I was hardcore because he sucks at the first two gyms. I don’t know how many times Misty and her Starmie sent my Charmander to the Pokemon Center.

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